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Austerity: Tales from the Resistance. Livestream.



Do you know what I love about this period in time right now? How we’ve sort of created our own heroes. To me, many of the people opposing the current economic/social/political order are legitimate heroes. And they didn’t become heroic by wailing in front of Simon Cowell, they became heroic by standing up for what’s right. It’s a subversion of what happens the rest of the time, when the mainstream media tells us who to idolise.
~Leanne Amanda Rowe (Livestream viewer)

Introduction from Jamie Kelsey-Fry, New Internationalist.

Kerry-anne Mendoza. Scriptonite.
Chunky Mark of Artist Taxi Driver
Max Keiser from KeiserReport
Marina from Syriza.

Poetry from Sophia.

Part 2. Fuel Povery Action, Vox Political, Disabled People Against Cuts, Occupy Demcoracy and Real Media.


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