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April Weekend of Activism by Carl Green.

Rainbow over Barton Moss by Tammy Samede

Rainbow over Barton Moss by Tammy Samede

It’s been a very busy weekend with lots happening, I hardly noticed it went so quick. by Carl Green.

The Barton Moss crew and locals were out in Manchester with a Wake Up Manchester rally, all streamed and what a fantastic time they had. Music, fun and lots of info distributed a well deserved success.

Darren Nesbit supplying the music brilliantly as usual, with a mix of his and commercial songs and of course his own thoughts on fracking. Many times I have seen him hold a crowd and his ability to be there come what may shows his total dedication. Amongst the many speakers was our own Tammy Samede, Ann Powers, Charley Veitch, Tina Louise-uk , Tristan Woodwards and what a superb job they made of the day. As well as signs, posters, placards and banners there were many leaflets distributed with a smile. The whole day streamed by John Burgess and a superb job he did. A fantastic day was had by all.


Saturday also saw the start of the Homeless Weekender, streamed by the ever present Bohemian crew and Lorenzo ‘Obi’ Abadinas , it was a chance to be in with real housing activists with films, workshops and local residents groups. It looked a little under-subscribed by the streaming but nevertheless a very useful event, please check out Obi’s streams for a glut of information and activist views.

Obi’s streams can be found here

Introduction to the Radical Housing Network.
Then of course we saw the March for England demo by the EDL and counter demo by Antifa and others. One hundred to one hundred and fifty EDL supporters saw themselves out numbered 10 to 1 by antifascists but that didn’t stop the now aging football supporters getting tanked up in a local pub to start with before starting the march. Abuse was hurled from both sides in a somewhat dreary wet Brighton but both sides were kept well apart by numerous Police who later issued a section 60aa for protesters to remove their masks.

Racists Go Home Banner. by Janie Mac.

Racists Go Home Banner. by Janie Mac.

The event was streamed by The Silent Anon and at points had over 300 viewers at a time not including Global Occupy News Network. The far right of course picked up on the stream and abuse was hurled there too – no one was hurt or taken to hospital. Abuse was also available in Twitter from some who stated they were Antifa and objected to the stream on grounds it could incriminate. I will say the streaming was extremely tactfully done and focused mainly on the EDL March when it was switched it was aimed at Antifa feet. The few on twitter complaining stated what if Antifa did something illegal…..Well there was plenty of media coverage, both local and National plus lots of other cameras, tbh the moaners were getting their knickers in a twist. Silent and the young lady did a superb job and the march was relatively short lived without major incident.

There was a major protest against animal cruelty and the need for tougher sentences in Belfast today with well over a thousand in attendance. Well done Belfast.

Well done all that were out over the weekend showing this Government that we are not going to stand idly by.

Big up all activists everywhere.

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