Apathy A Choice


tube-wheelchair-logo-disabledAs a disabled person who has been involved in Disability Civil Rights and Anti War/Nuclear Power protests, I see people losing hope as those in power try to persuade the people that “Austerity” and a lower standard of living is good for the nation!?

I was fortunate enough to see “The Spirit Of 45” the Ken Loach film about Labours betrayal of its promises and principals that were brought in on a tide of hopeful optimism at a time when there was little money about…

What has changed since then? Essentially peoples sense of hope, joy and anything is possible, pessimism is not a result of hard times, it is a choice!!!!!

I know this because I was fortunate enough to know three people who lived through World War 1 the nineteen thirties and World War 2….. My Grandfather was involved in rebuilding the east end of London in 1945, the truth is at the time a lot of doubts and fears about what could be achieved, a lot of what had been promised by Nye Bevan and others in Clement Atlee’s government seemed impossible but it was done.

Now 68 years later, the times have changed, as well as the situation in Britain, Labour has betrayed its natural allies, democracy is nothing more than a cliche banded about by aloof politicians that do not live in or comprehend the real world. In 2015 we have a chance to change Britain forever not via the ballot box, but by changing our perception of what is possible….. We have a choice, do what is easy, or do what is right, do we endorse the culture of “Me” or turn that ethos on its head into a culture of “We”…..????

This journey is not going to be easy, but it seems to me it is worth trying to create.


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  1. Thank you for your post. I hope you write more soon of your experiences.


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