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Patrick Connolly says:Former squatted student social centre is being evicted by Camden Council, on Friday 27 June at 9.15 am .

The property has been empty for about 15 years but the council refuse to let anyone use it. The locals and activists use the space to organise and hang out (It was also used for several Bank of IDEAS Events). We believe that it should remain in use for the community instead of being kept empty by the council….

I can remember telling the Squatters Advisory Service about this building back in 2002 some 12 years ago and the building was empty for far longer than that.

It is sickening to see so many buildings like this just sitting there empty when there are so many sleeping rough on the streets, you’d think councils would want to help those in poverty, but they’re only interested in keeping buildings like this one empty so at a later time they can be sold off by corrupt council officials to corrupt property developers.

Further info etc: beatonthestreet @gmail.com

238 Gray’s Inn Road.
London WC1X 8HB


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