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Another ridiculous arrest: KatrinaL


KatrinaL Arrest (Photo by: Rachael Seager)

The reason why live video stream is important in activism. A record of police action. Plus the video would not be deleted “accidentally” by the police. Katrina L was Arrested for “allegedly” obstruction of the highway even though she had moved onto the verge. She was later de-arrested but her phone has been seized for evidence. ‘Good luck livestreaming in the morning Love ‘ This was another form of intimidation by the police.

They de arrested me in the police station parking bay on Silver Commands orders but seized my phone for evidence. as I was escorted off the premises the copper said ‘Good luck livestreaming in the morning Love ‘..Needless to say of course I’ll be livestreaming in the morning.
Much love to everyone. Katrina L x

Another ridiculous arrest. This is why they don’t have the money to deal with real criminals.
Katrina Lawrie is only trying to keep the water clean. Thank you so much to her and the other water protectors that keep going back, even after being jumped by thugs.
Please watch and see if you can recall any times you have seen this many police go to so much trouble, in such large numbers.
Why are they protecting Cuadrilla? They have lost millions, shares have plummeted and it is a certain environmental disaster.


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