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Open Letter to the Police: “Police Endangering Lives”, by Accidental Anarchist

EDL member taking video footage of anti-fascists.

EDL member taking video footage of anti-fascists.

The Accidental Anarchist. The Diary of a Hampstead Mum
Original letter published in the Accidental Anarchist Blog.

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the recent times of Austerity and with the tragic death of Lee Rigby we have witnessed the rise of the right wing in this country. Right wing Fascists are using these times for propaganda against immigration, Islamophobia and other dangerous extremist views. But this rise is not just in the UK it is all over Europe extending as far as the Right wing uprising in Ukraine. I am not here to give you a lecture on how to do your job, because personally I think you are part of the right wing culture at the moment and far from independent. But we are entering into dangerous times. With being part of Europe I feel you need to start looking at the right wing in a different way and see the bigger picture. See the meetings of various right wing group leaders in a hotel in the Caribbean as being relevant and of interest to our communities, see visiting right wing groups such as Golden Dawn and Jobbik for what they are extremist and dangerous. Groups guilty of murder, intimidation and discrimination and various hate crimes are forging new alliances with groups here.

Because of your inability to do anything about this it is down to us to stop them. For a group of people to go to a town that they do not come from and stir up hate and mistrust in the community is only a threat to our society. We are a country of immigrants and have been for hundreds of years and this is what makes this place so great. I could bang on and on how my grandfather killed fascists and now I see the freedoms he fought for being used to protect them. I respect the right to protest but if they want to protest about immigration say they should go to the immigration centre, but is this protest or just hate campaigning? Is it a protest in the true sense of the word? We should know free speech comes with responsibilities and the right wing rhetoric is not being responsible in anyway for the well being of our society. I have been an antifascist since I can remember. Growing up in Coventry at the height of the National Front same sort of social background as now The Conservatives where in power and a recession was in full swing and we were at war with Argentina over the Falkland’s. The fights were taking place in the streets and blood was being spilt. Just like today.

Another thing I feel your force should be briefed on is the right wing tactics of intimidation. After Lee Rigby’s murder the EDL and BNP rode on the wave of shock and horror and their numbers took to the streets. We watched them doing Nazi salutes from the Cenotaph and attacks on Mosques and people where on the rise. We went to a counter demonstration and we failed to match their numbers. On that day we got pelted with bottles and the drunken EDL fought amongst them selves. As I was leaving the Inspector made a passing comment “you should take that mask off and be proud of yourself and the stand you took today” My response was are you for real? Do you think I am wearing this mask because I am ashamed of what I am doing? I am wearing this face covering to protect me from reprisals from the EDL. I don’t give a toss if the police have a million pictures of me on their data bases, they don’t upload your pictures on to websites such as RedWatch and invite fascist thugs to give you a call by adding your personal details if they have managed to get them.

The next big call out was in June and several right wing groups joined together to march from Croydon called by the EVF ( English Volunteer Force known to be trained by the UVF Ulster Volunteer Force not very nice people with murderers on their books). You don’t need to know the ins and outs but on this day after being assaulted by a right wing “March for England” fascist in a pub off Parliament square I was arrested and handcuffed on the street. At this point your police left me handcuffed and removed my face covering whilst searching my belongings. Whilst this was going members of the right wing group were allowed time to take my picture I told the arresting officer that he was making me vulnerable and that my picture was being taken by the fascists but he showed no concern and the next day my picture appeared on the front page of the EVF website. My charges of affray were later dropped perhaps you looked at the footage and realised that I was the one assaulted by a fascist and then by a police officer.

On September the 7th the EDL had called for their yearly march through Tower Hamlets and once again it was down to us to stop their pilgrimage of hate to the mosque. We all gathered in Altab Ali Park in Tower Hamlets and there was a huge turn out. Families and residents from all over London came to show unity and stand in solidarity with the community whilst we went to stop the march from taking place at all. We tried to block the route but you decided to use the tactic of mass arrest one to gain intelligence on us and two to prevent us from stopping what you seem to think is the Right Wings right to protest. Upon arrest my face covering was removed and I was handcuffed. I was put on a pre booked bus and taken to the police station, the first station being full we remained on the bus and taken to another central station. On our arrival at the station a group of right wing fascist were waiting and were taking our pictures. Again after my arrest for doing nothing you have put me in a vulnerable position and at risk. Whilst out on the streets defending what I see is a fundamental right of being a human “No human is illegal” You by your ignorance of these tactics have infact made me a potential victim.

Yesterday I travelled to Slough to what is seemingly becoming a regular weekend duty to oppose the Nazi scum. I really can’t be bothered to go into details other than a conversation that took place between myself and a copper whilst I was being filmed whilst penned in by the EDL media team (REDWATCH). After having shouted at the Nazi scum to stop filming us and told him “Fuck you and your REDWATCH” the police officer asked me what REDWATCH is. So once again I set out to educate the copper and explain the tactics of REDWATCH. I find it very worrying at the level ignorance of your officers.

This is why I feel your need to brief your police on these tactics and not aid and abet the fascists by your ignorance. You are not on the side of democracy you are on the side of fascism by not seeing the bigger picture.

Yours Sincerely,

A Hampstead mum

EDL take video footage of anti-fascists and upload stills to Redwatch.

EDL take video footage of anti-fascists and upload stills to Redwatch.

Original letter published in the Accidental Anarchist Blog.


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