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Idle No More – A Global Uprising



idle-no-more-feather-fist-logoThe Idle No More movement was founded in order to fight the C-45 bill that the colonial state of Canada is trying to pass through, which will make it easier for reserve lands to be bought and sold by big companies to get profit from resources. This bill is a direct violation of Treaties, Indigenous sovereignty and the land and water that belongs to the Indigenous of Canada.

However, it has now become so much more. Indigenous peoples from all over the non-white world are identifying with the struggle of the Indigenous in Canada, and there is a one reason behind this; white supremacy. This is one thing that unites all non-white Indigenous peoples; we have all suffered under the brutality of white supremacist policies and its underlying logic.


Idle No More- Steve Rushton Interviews Sylvia McAdam by Mk-99 on Mixcloud

Read here for more information.

Livestream of Jan 27th at the TINAG festival:



Livestream of Jan 28th at the TINAG festival:


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