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An important announcement from OccupyLSX


Our mission continues. We are delighted to announce that our second site of occupation is now open and ready to receive happy campers. 400 people are already creating a radically open democratic space at Finsbury Square EC1 and you are cordially invited to join them. Bring a tent, warm clothes, provisions , a torch and your optimism. We look forward to seeing you there.

We would like to offer our respect and best wishes to our brother and sister occupations all over the world. There is a bright future out there and we are committed to building our own small part of it in London.

Please note that we shall be occupying Finsbury Square in addition to St Paul’s Churchyard.


35 Responses to “An important announcement from OccupyLSX”

  1. Brilliant!

  2. Great idea!

  3. You have my complete admiration for you stand against the big Corp.

  4. Presumably as you guys are the 99% and believe in democracy you’ll be joining the peoples pledge rally in parliament on monday right? Or are you happy to bailout European banks & bankers via the EU & ECB?

    • Given that if they succeed we will become responsible for even more ‘fiat debt’ probably: Not very happy at all. But pop down to a GA. Ask to speak and put it to the vote.

      • Hi
        Good skills to you all.

        Heres an interesting snippet from Paul Brodsky big US city banker re the beginning of the credit of the high leveraging in US banks in mid 90s (adopted by Europe/UK soon after):

        “…Greenspan allowed banks to essentially dodge the reserve requirements by “sweeping” demand (current) accounts. And what I mean by that is, if you have money in a checking account, that is yours to demand anytime you want: the banks have to hold a reserve against that, by law, of 10%. But banks were allowed through this policy tweak that the Fed had done, to effectively sweep that money out of that account just before the stroke of midnight….” (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/paul-brodsky-seeds-our-destruction-were-and-still-are-sown-bond-markets)
        ….at midnight they reported their balance sheets minus customer acct money then its transferred back in at 12:01. So they didnt cover their risks, and then they go bust, and then we bail them out… good skills!

        Legislation is being created from the US to London to Brussels as we speak to maintain the status quo – print money and redistribute the wealth from the middle classes (tax) to the upper classes (bonuses, ownership of non deflationary assets – property, gold etc).

        On an aside…..looks like St Pauls have a very right wing agenda.

        Keep it up.


    • Just because some corrupt folk in shiny suits find time to sign something during their busy schedule of splashy dinners doesn’t mean the new civilisation we’re heading for need take any notice of it – my hope is that this movement will ultimately result in the removal of most of the institutes and financial nonsense involved.

      They are like a condemned man booking a holiday for next summer, let them get on with it, makes no odds as lond as we succeed.

  5. Much love from the Boston Occupation.

  6. Bravo! Second of many hopefully. Will need a “Mother of GAs” to coordinate. But then there is always teh InterWebz 🙂

  7. Beautiful 🙂 ^5!

  8. Good luck guys – I’ll try and pop down in the week.

  9. Much love and solidarity! x

  10. Welcome to The Camping & Caravanning Club

    The Camping and Caravanning Club helps campers and caravanners make the most of their hobby, providing over 4000 campsites across the UK, we even have a new site at Finsbury Square EC1 (sorry, no toilets so it might smell a bit!)

    You don’t have to travel too far to gain all the benefits of getting away from it all without any of the long distance travel or associated fuel costs.

    There are plenty of pitches available. We’ve proven that camping really does make you happy so why not get out and about this winter for those “money can’t buy” experiences.

    Travelling within a short distance of home, can give you all the benefits of getting away from it all without any of the long distance travel or associated fuel costs. Get less of what you don’t want and more of what you do want – holiday time!

    You needn’t travel far to enjoy all the fun and health benefits of spending time with your family and friends and getting outside in the fresh air. With over 100 Club Sites spread out across the UK, there’s bound to be a site within an hour or so from you – an adventure on your doorstep.

    In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, we’ve forgotten life’s simple pleasures. Like spending time with loved ones, reading, storytelling, barbecuing, playing ball, cycling, exploring and sleeping under the stars.

    A camping holiday is a rich mix of activities, with plenty to fill your day. As a couple or as a family, you’ll share wonderful times and recall priceless moments − like the fish that got away or the time your kids built their own forest shelter, close a church.

    Kids love camping; in their eyes there’s nothing better. They get space to play and time to explore. The safe feeling of the campsite allows a new-found freedom, helping them to develop their independence and make new friends. At some sites there are exciting activities like pony trekking and mountain biking whilst at Forest Holiday Sites, kids can enjoy fascinating glimpses of nature and wildlife with the Forest Rangers.

  11. A bright future?
    I would like to know how you intent to contribute to it…
    personally I hate the injustice that bring capitalism and global consumerism in the world, but millions of people are born and breed into and to me only a totalitarian ideology will tune those minds together…

    • I think the point with OccupyLondon is as OWSW – ‘we are our demands’; to furnish the media and politicos with an agenda of suggested changes implies that we want the existing power structiures to remain and just fix a few things so the corporate monsters can continue rampaging, not the case.

      This is a change from the ground up – the first stage is to wake up the rest of the 99%, not to make demands or draw up a manifesto.

      This is a fantastic movement, I’m travelling Asia at the moment partly to escape from the nightmare that is life in the UK, wish I could be there with you guys, all strength to your elbows !!!

      • thats right dude, we need to rip the system down and replace it with a fairer more socially aware and transparent form of government. and one that will make those who choose to abuse accountable and pay for any and all dishonest or immoral actions. and the bigger the thieving fish thats deported to antartica, the better.

  12. fantastic.keep it up

  13. I have been waiting for this for almost 15 years, keep it up, never stop. I hope this never gets stopped. It will grow and grow in to something special and new. The time has come for a new way!

  14. Hope u prevail…. We should make our own future… Prey for us all everyday..

  15. Thought finsbury sq was in ec2, must be another one in ec1 !!!!

    • EC2A 1DX , I have told them but it doesn’t seem to get passed on.

  16. ” Greed is good” ” money never sleeps ” Gordon Gecko 1987

  17. I was reading the comments on the OWS page last night and there’s a good thread on the reason there are no ‘demands’ – this seems a common thread in the mainstream media that the movement needs some kind of manifesto right now. Issuing demands woulkd allow the media and the powers that be (for a little while, anyway) to divide and conquer as they always have done, this must not be allowed to happen.

    see http://occupywallst.org/article/so-called-demands-working-group/#comments

  19. It’s been a long long long time coming! I’m currenty going through karl marx communist manifesto, he details quite vividly how all this happened, it’s amazing when you consider the time it was written, but just goes to show how long it’s been left to fester!… I don’t agree fully with every solution he gives but it’s a darn sight better than what we have now… The collapse is inevitable, the rise of the people is inevitable!… However i don’t think we’re there just yet, unfortunately people tend to be quite selfish, they don’t tend to do anything until it effects them!… I went down to london on saturday and stayed for 3 days, i had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the lively debates i had! However, i feel there was too much pandering to the press! In my opinion they are part of the capitalist regime! They don’t report the news! They report on what will sell papers! They not only make money selling the so called news, but they also rake in it via advertisements! They are part of the greed system and will not help you! But they will make you guys look bad if it earns them a buck or 2!
    Be careful people, talk to independent press if you must, but stay away from the mainstream greedy capitalist “news” agencies…

    • As someone from a formerly communist country I can assure you – communism does not work in reality. Move on.

      • True enough, but democracy in it’s truest sense must be the better alternative. And yes I am NOT talking about the “democratic” system we currently have in place.

        Debate can now be open and available to anybody that wishes to contribute to or listen (read) to that debate. Spoken words and promises made by politicians in order to secure their own tenuous positions mean little. Why should I delegate my vote to somebody in one of a handful of political parties; somebody that will toe a party line even if that is at odds with their own beliefs, rarely for mine.

        I know the sort of politics that I want to be involved it, it’s happening here and now. I want to be able to have my vote on every issue that I feel strongly about, issue by issue. If sufficient people feel as strongly as I do about something they will get off their asses, even if that is an electronic digital virtuallisation. and have their say, make their point, sway opinion. I don’t need a politician making my choices for me, particularly one that I have little choice but to delegate that responsibility to for the next three or four years.

        Sadly there are more people that vote on X Factor and SImply than vote in a general election, Such is the masses disenchantment with the current system. They can’t change a country’s system but they can decide who comes back next week folks. They could change so much more if they only realised.

        Russia and the Soviet Block changed virtually overnight, and yes not necessarily for the better, it bought into the current system. That doesn’t mean that the current system of democracy’s days aren’t equally numbered.

        Now I invite any lobbyist to sway me from that point of view.

  20. Finsbury Square? The place that is supposed to be a Crossrail construction site? So now you are going to make life worse for both tourists AND commuters?
    Good job! Soon you will alienate enough people for authorities to kick you out of there.

    • You’re confusing Finsbury Square with Finsbury Circus, which is further South and will be a Crossrail hole.

  21. go home, get job, although you might want to wash first!

  22. Socialism comes dressed in the clothes of equality and democracy but always leads to oppression of those who dissent. You hate corporations? They have no real power. They do well because people vote for them with the money they have. There’s no force, no McSecret Police to round up and execute those who challenge the ideology of the Big Mac. Socialism requires the crushing of anyone who desires more than what than what some sanctimonious assembly deems they need, to eat differently to ‘the People’s diet’, to think thoughts different to the majority view. You think you’re fighting oppression? You’re just planting the seeds of totalitarianism.

  24. I spent three years constructing a superior system of Democratic Independent governence for the U.K.. which turned out to work globally. { was infuriated that the Government of the day, took over 18months to make any response to an article in the FT magazine of 25-26th March 2006,concerning the 2005 year and warning of financial disaster. I will supply details at Email
    SpinPtr@aol.com, to Protest ORGANISATIONS (not media). I am over 80.

  25. Is it worth OccupyLSX putting out a press statement in reply to negative reporting in some newspapers.
    The Daily Mail’s “Rabble Without A Cause” and “Europe at War 2018” blaming protesters all over europe for starting it (it may be tongue in cheek but people take this stuff seriously) made me cry.


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