Alan Bennett pops in to camp


Occupy London Stock Exchange camp at St Paul’s Churchyard got a surprise visit from Alan Bennett, when he dropped in for a tour of the camp on Friday and had a cup of tea at the Tea and Empathy Tent.

To the camp’s delight, Alan was able to spent a little time and read a story about his school days at the camp’s educational arm – Tent City University. He also spoke about the importance of free education for all. Video coming soon.

Alan left also left some books – The History Boys and his family memoir, A Life Like Other People’s – in the camp’s library, which he signed and dedicated “To Occupy London”.

Thanks to Paul Soso, photographer at OccupyLSX for permission to publish these images.



We’re delighted to have video footage of Alan Bennett’s reading at Tent City University, courtesy of Occupy LSX videographer Inka Stafrace.


9 Responses to “Alan Bennett pops in to camp”

  1. Ah ha… so we have just seen The minister for Education,…In Our Brave New World…well that’s that sorted !!!! ……
    it’s great to see people like Alan ,taking time to visit & be part .

  2. YAYYYYY!!!!! Don’t you just love the man????

  3. I can really identify with Alan’s experiences. I’m a Hackney lass from a working class background and was ‘sponsored’ to get to Cambridge by ILEA as it was then – one of about 50 pupils from across London that year. As blown away as I was by the surroundings, I was horrified by the tutor’s attitudes towards us. Over strawberries and cream I was asked directly whether I’d be able to handle the culture here. I don’t remember what my response was, but certainly do remember thinking ‘*anker* (and I never swore). I soon dropped out of the scheme (and later my A and S level classes) much to my parents’ and school’s horror. It’s only 30 years later, after spending most of my life feeling as tho I’d let myself down in some way, or was a failure, that I realise that I’d dropped out because I knew that I was being sucked into some kind of funnel. The occupy movement has been really therapeutic for me. xxx

  4. OccupyLSX is beginning to acquire a legitimacy which will bring new challenges. You’ve been so sure-footed up till now that I don’t doubt for a moment that you will succeed.
    And how gratifying it is to see your evolution. Truly, History in the Making.

  5. Story would have had more value if it didn’t send us elsewhere to try and find out who Alan Bennett is and why it should matter that he showed up here.

  6. How typical of Alan to drop in for cup of tea: no fanfares, no fuss, just a quiet, dignified man offering his support as an individual: a lesson in humility for all of us.

  7. Thanks for posting up.Some lovely takes and nice work with vid.Great to see Alan Bennett come to Occupy and do a reading.

  8. What a lovely man he is and so right when he talks about fairness for all instead of privilege for the few.

  9. It’s really good to see Alan Bennett supporting the camp, we’re reading one of his books in class 🙂


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