Akira and experiencing Public Transport for a Wheelchair user.


Leaving the Putney Debates in St. Mary’s Church, we decided that it was too much hassle to take a bus, especially in the rain. There were enough people to assist Akira in getting to Central London and then home.
We went to the nearest tube station, Putney Bridge on the District Line. It is a station overground. So we were surprised that there were no facilities to get up to the platforms, apart from three flights of steps. We had four people to carry Akira and his wheelchair up to the train.

Akira showed us the new map for wheelchair users and explained the impracticalities. On our way to Westminster to catch the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf.

We missed the announcement from the driver in and ended up in High Street Kensington. There were only two of us to assist, so we decided to wait 15 minutes for the train to go back to Earl’s Court.

Earl’s Court was fortunate enough to have lifts. We took another District Line train to Upminster. We arrived at Westminster 00:05 hours and missed the last Jubilee Line train.

From Westminster, we took a bus first to Trafalgar Square and then to Tottenham Court Road. Akira explained the design faults on buses as pertains to wheelchair users.


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