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Aggravated Trespass on Public Footpath? by Tammy Samede

BartonMoss. Saturday 15/02/2014. Arrested woman being dragged by her feet.

BartonMoss. Saturday 15/02/2014. Arrested woman being dragged by her feet.

Greater Manchester Police arresting Barton Moss Protectors for Aggravated Trespass on Public Footpath?

I got up to site to see the GMP up there, threatening my tribe.

Graham was on top of the lorry, bless him, and happy, but they then began to move the tanker with him on top of it. It was pouring with rain, he could have slipped.

Then all of a sudden, the GMP thugs ran at us in the field. They were like a pack of dogs baying for blood.

They grabbed Frank and they dragged him violently, through the mud and water. We all grabbed him, we were trying to get the cops off him, but we were unsuccessful.

Then they grabbed someone else. I’m sorry I can’t remember who my brain keeps cutting out…

Then they got my beautiful tribe sister Vanda.

A number of huge cops jumped on her (cos she swore). They dragged her through the water and mud in the field. She struggled like hell… so an officer had his hands on her throat and strangled her (I kid u not there is footage soon), then they turned her over and rammed her face first into the mud and she couldn’t breathe. A few moments later she was on her knees, bent over, screaming, crying, cuffed.

I explained I am a nurse but they refused to allow me near her. They lied, saying they’d called an ambulance, but when I called, the paramedics said they had received no call…

They lifted her above their heads, took her to the gates of iGas and they put her laying down on the floor in a puddle!!!!!

Then covered her in a blanket. She was having seizures in that puddle!!!! Then she was left laying in it for an hour and a half or more.

Eventually she was taken away by ambulance.

I’m sorry I can’t write anymore at this point. I feel so traumatised. Ive cried so much and currently I feel numb.

~Tammy Samede.

Livestream footage of Protector who has been arrested and witnesses say was going into shock.

Barton Moss Protector being arrested by GM Police. Allegedly for swearing at the police.

@TWoodwards, Livestreamer, threatened with arrest for aggravated trespass on Barton Moss Road public footpath.

Protector locking on.

The Greater Manchester Police forcing a march – or the protectors get arrested for blocking the highway.

Just tried marching the lorries back out. The ACAB kicked our feet, shoved people forward at a ridiculous pace then suddenly grabbed, kettled and threw us to the side of the road to let lorries speed through, violating our right to walk on a goddamn footpath! They grabbed me so hard they hurt my back and ripped my jacket. I’m absolutely furious!! ~ Barton Moss Protector

It is hard to believe we live in a a country that is visibly turning into a police state right in front of us. Wish I could have got there much earlier to give support. Worst day I have witnessed at Barton Moss and I was only there for the walk out. ~Barton Moss Protector.

“What I have witnessed today at Barton Moss has confirmed my greatest fear. A fear the Greater Manchester Police appear to have discarded the European Convention of Human Rights in to the gutter, and replaced in with political policing re-enforced with overt aggression. My experience there today caused me to be concerned for my own safety, based on my observations and interactions with the Greater Manchester Police. I am firmly of the view that what took place today appears to be political policing in favour of a corporate agenda. I call on GMP and the Police and crime commissioner to tell the public why?” ~Witness.

Intimidation by @GMPolice. Targeted arrests @BartonMoss 15.02.14 #olsx @twoodwards
Rob arrested for alleged Aggravated Trespass on a Public Footpath.


Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

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Fifty arrested at anti-fracking protest could walk free after judge rules they can’t be charged

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Protestors’ ‘Fracking victory’ at Barton Moss


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