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Afternoon with Occupy The Media Billionaires: Livestream

Occupy the Media in College Green.  Photo Credit: Josh Blakely

Occupy the Media in College Green.
Photo Credit: Josh Blakely

An Afternoon with Occupy The Media Billionaires.

First part was when we were informed by the Police that College Green was Private Property owned by the Parliamentary Estate. We had to ask if the tax payers owned the Parliamentary Estate. They couldn’t really gainsay our logic.

Then we spoke to Liz Crow’s Art Exhibition “We Are Figures” The Human Effects of Austerity.
Also in College Green. From what I gather, they were allowed to step on the grass as they had asked for permission.

We then rushed off to the Australia High Commission, at Australia House, The Strand.
The demonstration was about the way the current Abbott government are treating refugees in Manus Island and Narau. I started the video just as the Security Guard was closing the gates.
In solidarity with the refugees locked up in detention by the corrupt Australian Government there is a global call to end mandatory detention in Australia, today, 30 March, 4.30pm at Australia House, The Strand, London.

Who put the Abbott Government into Power? The Murdoch Media.

Finally, we ended up with Divest London as they were picketing Legatum Istitute the “Vision of Capitalism” with the guest speaker Boris Johnson.
The London Assembly have voted for Divestment, but Boris Johnson is ignoring this decision.
Boris Johnson will be launching a project at a right wing think tank seeking to restore faith in capitalism (I KNOW!!)….with everything that is going on in the world, let’s meet him there and tell him and all his cronies what we think of the current system.


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