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= News =

It’s been an eventful two weeks.

In a landmark ruling, the Department of Work and Pensions workfare scheme (working without getting paid) was deemed unlawful. Join us this weekend outside Poundland in an anti-workfare picket.

This weekend also sees the 10-year anniversary of the greatest protest march in UK history, an anniversary being celebrated in a series of anti-war events and commemorations.

In another legal victory, judges ruled that police breached the rights of peace protesters in Fairford ten years ago. Better late than never?

A new UK campaign in support of whistleblowers was launched while Freedom bookstore, a 125-year old publishing house founded by Kropotkin, was firebombed. A musical benefit event to help with restoration costs is being held next weekend.

The 25,000-strong march in protest of the planned closures at Lewisham hospital landed a partial victory. The campaign continues.

Following last month’s Liverpool council occupation, occupation initiatives sprung up in SussexLondon and Birmingham.

After 5 months, the Friern Barnet library occupation ended with the local community winning back its library. Local residents are clear that without the help of squatters and members of Occupy, the library would not have reopened. The local community is still campaigning for a paid librarian. Sign our petition to decriminalise squatting at the end of this newsletter. Find library groups and campaigns here. And join the celebrations at the library this Friday with a cabaret!

Yesterday, around the world, women came together in flashmobs to protest against violence and aggression towards women.

And on 5th February, uniting the themes of war and protest, thousands gathered in Dhaka, Bangladesh demanding justice for the atrocities committed during the country’s 1971 liberation war. The Shahbag Square occupation has since sparked protests countrywide and elicited support around the world.

= Event Calendar =

New events are being added all the time. Please check our calendar for updates.


Friday 15th February 2013
Save Lewisham Hospital
February 15th February 2013
Stop intervention in Syria, western troops out of Mali
Friday 15th February 2013
The march that shook Blair: an oral history of 15 Feb, 2003
Friday 15th February 2013
Evolution cabaret
Saturday 16th February 2013
Save our hospitals march/demonstration
Saturday 16th February 2013
Anti-workfare picket
Saturday 16th February 2013
Reclaim Love 10 (2003-2013)
Tuesday 19th February 2013
Radical anthropology talks
Thursday 21st February 2013
Joint assembly of ACI, IOPS and Occupy
Friday 22nd February 2013
Occupy London General Assembly (7pm – location TBA)
Saturday 23rd February 2013
Freedom Press benefit evening
Saturday 23rd February 2013
Critique conference: The crisis and reformism
Sunday 24th February 2013
Facilitation, Assemblies and Decision-making in horizontal groups
Tuesday 26th February 2013
Radical anthropology talks
Wednesday 27th February 2013
Occupy London tours: Canary Wharf



15th-18th February 2013
Stop the Great Fuel Robbery
26th February 2013
Birmingham – Day of Action Against Council Cuts



15th – 22nd February 2013
International Citizen Audit Network (ICAN) Meeting
February 15th-18th Thessaloniki, Greece
February 19th-22nd Athens, Greece


= Blogs & New Media =
A Polite Revolution
Occupy Circles
A new way to bring Occupy into the communities from the ground up
A new autonomous media assemblage


= Campaigns & Calls to Action =
Save Lewisham Hospital
Repeal New Squatting Law
Whistleblowers UK
Call for European action in March


= Food for Thought =


“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as is cooperation with good.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi 

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