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A clarification from the Guardian


The following will appear in tomorrow’s corrections and clarifications column in The Guardian.

Occupy London protesters issue demands to lord mayor was amended to make clear that the demands made by Occupy London’s general assembly to the Corporation of London are different from those outlined in the article, which were based on information given by one supporter.


2 Responses to “A clarification from the Guardian”

  1. Will occupylsx.org publish similar corrections on its own articles which present the web admin’s views as the viewof the occupation?

  2. The original suggestions in the Guardian article seem to add up to a real stand. The City`s, and its Guilds, should never have escaped from reform in the nineteenth century. New Labour`s vast expansion of the business vote in 2002 was unbelievable. Only a Royal Comission into Chartered Charitable Corporations can get to the bottom of the Corporation`s doings. Who better than Rowan Williams to head ? And it should cover schools and universities “charitable” uses.


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