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A CALL TO ACTION: Democracy at Stake


MayDay TrafalgarOn March 1st 2014, at a General Assembly on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, Occupy London decided to form a Democracy Action Working Group (DAWG). Part of the remit of this group was to begin organising for a mass action for Democracy. Parliament Square was mooted as the location for this action; sometime in Autumn 2014 was agreed.

The DAWG has been meeting more or less weekly since March 1st. A starting date for the mass action has been chosen: Friday October 17th. This will be close to the 3 year anniversary of Occupy London; it also coincides, on Saturday 18th, with the TUC march.

Various more specific ideas have been proposed. A draft statement and press release are being worked on.

Minutes of DAWG meetings have been published in the ‘working group updates’ section of the OL website; on 10.4.14, dates and places for the mass action were discussed and decided – minutes are here.

Check the OL Events page for dates and times of DAWG meetings if you’d like to get involved.

John Sinha, of the Democracy Action Working Group, has written about why he feels it’s time for Action on Democracy – his take can be found in the ‘Occupiers’ Perspective’ section of the OL website, here.


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