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4th Newsletter from TroikaWatch


Dear friends!

Today the new newsletter of TroikaWatch was published, again full with informations about the countries in economic crisis in the Eurozone.

In the period towards the elections, governments and European institutions tried to avoid any bad economic news. But the crisis is surely not over, so we can expect surprises soon after the elections. From many countries we also hear about debates, that governments want to make it easier for banks to size the homes of indebted people.

European level

On the European level, there is a growing fear of deflation. Further ‘unconventional‘ measures by the ECB are to be expected. On the international level, the negotiations of TTIP (the trade agreement between the US and the EU) continue.

However, also the resistance continues. In many countries people took the streets and participated in the European days of action of the Blockupy coalition to protest against the current policies of austerity everywhere in Europe. In Brussels, on the 15th of May, hundreds of people took the streets against TTIP and austerity, when the European Business Summit united leading politicians and businessmen. The police arrested over 200 peaceful protesters.

Full info here:
4th Newsletter from TroikaWatch



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