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Concerns about the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015



NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015. Another Trojan Horse for the City of London.

Please note Lucy Reynolds is contacting both Caroline Lucas and Allyson Pollock to warn them of potential pitfalls of this bill.

Greetings All, from Obi_live:

Went to College Green for the photo op for the #NHS Bill 2015. I managed to chat with Dr. Lucy Reynolds who explained her concerns about the bill. If this is like the Efford Bill, this could be a Trojan Horse designed to privatise the NHS.

PFI to be centralised and become sovereign debt and leaves the NHS vulnerable to the TTIP?

Concerns about the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015:

City Wish List: NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015 part1:

NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015 part2: PFI Odious Debt:

Arthur Seldon: After the N.H.S. [National Health Service]: Reflections on the Development of Private Health Insurance in Britain in the 1970’s

Oliver Letwin: Privatising the World: A Study of International Privatisation in Theory and Practice



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