Providing a Witness Statement

A witness statement needs to take a particular format if it is to be used as evidence. It is essential that your statement is signed and dated, each paragraph is numbered, and the end of the statement states ‘The contents of this Witness Statement are true.’

If you would like to submit a witness statement you may come to the Legal Tent located next to Tent City University at St. Paul’s. Alternatively you may download a copy of the witness statement template provided, write your statement, and email a copy of your witness statement to

We ask that your write your evidential and personal elements separately. Examples of an evidential statement would be (if applicable):

  • The first point should be your real name and current address.
  • When you arrived at St Paul’s.
  • Whether you are a resident, part-time resident, observer, tourist, etc.
  • How often you stay at St Paul’s.
  • Details of your involvement in working groups, GA, and other activities.
  • Observations within the working groups and GAs, and more generally the camp.

It should be factual and to the point as if your were detailing a chronological series of events. If you refer to a piece of evidence which you have submitted, ensure the evidence has a particular reference, and the reference corresponds with your statement.

A personal statement will allow you to go into far more detail about your reasons for being involved in the Occupy movement. This is your opportunity to explain to the court and the world what Occupy London, and the Occupy movement more generally, means to you. You may wish to mention:

  • Your personal background.
  • What motivated you to become involved in the movement.
  • What you have taken from the movement – hope, confidence, community, etc.
  • Where you see the movement going – what your personal objectives are.

It is important to remember that the claimants are stating that they are not against our right to protest, but rather that they object to our using semi-permanent structures and bedding on site. As such, please bear in mind that the case has to be made that the tents are fundamental to the continued enjoyment of your right to protest.

If you would like any guidance on how to write a witness statement, visit the Legal Tent located next to Tent City University. You are also able to drop off any evidence you have. Ensure that anything you submit is logged with someone in legal.

There are no financial consequences of providing a statement. You may, however, be asked to attend court if your witness statement is of particular use.

Separately to your witness statement, you will need to give your full name and contact details. This is so that we are able to contact you if we wish for your witness statement to be used. Your details will not be included in the statement and will be secured off site each night.

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