Legal Team

The Legal Team can be found next to Tent City University at Occupy LSX.

Below is an organizational chart of how the Legal Team interacts with other participants during the upcoming eviction proceedings at St. Paul’s.

Legal Observation

Up to twenty legal observers will be available throughout the occupation. They will work on a rotating basis 24 hours a day. If you require any assistance please seek them out. They will have copies of the bust cards available and will be able to talk you through the document.

Some quick pointers are listed below, please make yourself familiar with them:

Write these numbers on your arm:

GBC Legal 07946 541511 / BINDMANS solicitors 02078334433

If you witness an arrest or police assault, please phone GBC Legal ASAP


If you are assaulted, get witnesses and phone GBC Legal


If you are arrested DON’T PANIC. Have the custody sergent inform GBC Legal of your arrest. Give a NO COMMENT interview. If you want a solicitor use Bindmans – DON’T use the duty solicitor! Hang tight, you’ll be out soon.


Don’t forget to phone GBC Legal when you are released!

Click here for a bust card with summarised information and advice

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