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We still have time to save OUR fire stations

Tomorrow, Tuesday 26 November there will be an application by seven London councils for judicial review of the Mayor’s decision to close ten London fire stations and cut 552 firefighters, 14 engines and 2 FRUs.  There will be a Red Balloon Protest by SLFS10 outside the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand from 930 am.  From 1030am firefighters will join the protest.  And at 1145am mothers and children will join the protest. 

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Please remember that in 2012 the Mayor made pre-election promises not to cut the fire service as well as stating this to the London Assembly in 2010 (read my lips):

Please remember that the Mayor said to the Tory Party Conference that he wants to see former police and fire stations turned into free schools.  Free schools have already expressed an interest in Belsize, Silvertown, Kingsland, Clerkenwell and Southwark.  Southwark is the deadliest borough for fire deaths in London and will lose half of its fire coverage.  To become a free school.  Westminster has also had a free school do a property viewing.  The incident on 16 November at 1 Whitehall required four fire engines, three came from stations due to close: Westminster, Knightsbridge and Southwark.  Relief crews came from Clerkenwell, also due to close.

Please remember that the Mayor will make these cuts to the fire service to save £28.8 million this year… whilst spending vast sums on vanity projects.  Like Boris bikes, currently costing us £11 million in subsidy.  Like the Emirates Air Line, costing us £6 million per year (

So, tomorrow Tuesday 26 November there will be a Red Balloon Protest against the closures and FOR a properly funded fire service.  SLFS10 will be there.  Fire fighters will be there.  Mothers and children will be there.


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