Romany Blythe Hunger Strike in support of Guantanamo Bay closure




You may recall recently a lady by the name of Romany Blythe who helped to organise the so-called Thatcher death parties. In some papers she was demonised, but I know her well, and she is a committed campaigner for human rights, Guantanamo, Palestinians and so on. She is now about to do something very commendable.

As you may well know, Frankie Boyle (Comedian) went on hunger strike in support of a South London resident who’s been held in Guantanamo for over eleven years without charge. That prisoners name is Shaker Aamer, and he has a wife and four children waiting for him in Battersea. He was helping to set up a girl’s school in Afghanistan when the U.S. bombed. He was sole as a bounty to the American troops for $5,000.

As from today, Romany will be starting her own hunger strike, also in support of Shaker. She and Frankie are not alone in this effort. They are trying to raise awareness of this ongoing appalling situation. If you believe in innocence until proven guilty, and you despise torture of the Guantanamo prisoners, then I hope you’ll cover Romany’s efforts in this matter.


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