An account of Agora 99


From the 1st to the 4th of November 2012 grassroots movements connected to 15M and Occupy met in Madrid in Agora99.

The event had been proposed during the Blockupy action held in Frankfurt in May 2012 with the following aims:

  • Create a space to discuss common issues, in particular around three axises: Debt, Democracy and Rights.
  • To put together a working framework of strategies, including common tools and calendars.



Thursday evening:

A workshop on Bambuser, Twitter and Pads, so that everyone could use these tools to document the workshops they were attending.

 Friday morning:

A roundtable with a panel providing a contextual analysis of the current situation and the framework of the event.

 Friday afternoon and Saturday morning:

Simultaneous workshops on Democracy, Debt and Rights.  In the weeks leading up to the event, anyone could submit online a proposal for a workshop related to one of the axises.

 Saturday evening:

Three large simultaneous assemblies on Democracy, Debt and Rights to decide what to feedback to the Sunday General Assembly.

 Sunday morning:

General Assembly with feedback and proposals from the three assemblies on Debt, Democracy and Rights.



Below are the workshops that occurred. By clicking on each title you will be redirected to a page explaining the content. At the end of each page you can find a link to a pad with the minutes of the meeting, and a link to the livestreaming of the event.




You are not a loan

Don’t owe, won’t pay! (i) (ii) (iii)

University, Knowledge and Debt




Direct democracy

Democratising Europe 

Civil Disobedience

Deliberations and ICTs

Spaces of Metropolitan Commoning

Collective Action in the Digital Era

Linking networks beyond Agora99




Peace and Disarmament

Shock Doctrine on Policy making

Basic Income in Europe

Experiences of civil and economic disobedience, self-management, alternatives

Listening for commonality

Housing rights

Justice in a time of Crisis


New Charta of Social Rights



The general assembly outcome can be summarised in the following points:

  • improve the networks between the groups working on similar issues through physical meetings and online communication
  • Continue with both de-centralised action and convergent actions in specific locations
  • Start the process of developing two documents:
  1. A “carta destituyente” highlighting the things we are fighting against
  2. A “carta costituyente” highlighting the thing we are fighting for. This was also referred to as the Charta of the Commons.




Madrid dreams becoming reality

A European General Assembly

European movements share strategies in Madrid ahead of general strike



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