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People are going hungry in the UK. A recent report showed that 29% of people are struggling to feed themselves or their family. 78% said they were concerned about food price increases. This is not surprising given that over the past 6 years food prices have risen by a staggering 12.6% above inflation. And remember, that’s during a global recession.

And yet there are those that are still dismissive of any concerns over the operation of the current economic system. It is alarming that in the face of such evidence people still chose to ignore trends and phenomena that can only confirm the increasing fallibility of an economic paradigm to cater for the needs of most people that live within it. Why? because it places a value on everything within the system apart from those whom it is meant to serve, the people themselves and the planet we live on. It is a machine after all, morality is not part of the design spec. It doesn’t understand the beauty of a tiger, only the value of its fur…

More worrying is a tendency, that appears more pronounced these days, towards believing that this is how it should be, and that if people must suffer and die because of it, so be it, a kind of Darwinian justification for what they might call the ‘ever so sad’ facts of life. As such they will most surely allow it, ignore it or even encourage it… the necessary ‘pruning’ of society. Steadily more and more will have less food, less heat, less water, less mobility, less education, less health….

….less life.

And there are those that will see that as natural selection. That is the sinister undercurrent that one wishes was not becoming increasingly tangible. There are many in fact that don’t want the system to cater for the needs of most people at all, just them.

And given who has control of the levers of power, the making of policy and therefore the design and functioning of the system, it isn’t gonna change any time soon. Not for them the concerns of the majority, the health of the nation, the future of a generation.

Keep calm, they might say,…. and carry on regardless.



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