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Video: Jesse Jackson at OccupyLSX


On Thursday 15 December, Occupy London was thrilled to welcome legendary civil rights activist Rev Jesse Jackson to St Paul’s Churchyard, alongside Bishop Wayne Malcolm (leading representative of the progressive majority black churches), Lee Jasper (co Chair of Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts (BARAC)) and 12-year-old blogger Libdemchild, who examines and unpacks how capitalism affects children’s lifestyles and choices.

Here’s two videos of Jesse’s visit, the first of his speech and the second of the questions that he answered. Thanks to Inka for these videos:

Jesse Jackson speech at OccupyLSX London Part I from inka stafrace on Vimeo.

Jesse Jackson Q&A at Occupy LSX Part II from inka stafrace on Vimeo


Big thanks to @rodstanley and all at Dazed for the this (https://twitter.com/#!/rodstanley) as well as @rozzybear (https://twitter.com/#!/rozzybear2370)

The Speech

Jesse Jackson: Occupy is addressing the gaps of inequality, unfairness and corruption. Occupiers are the canaries in the mind, warning us of the dangers. Too few have too much, too many have too little, too much poverty, too much wandering in lands of plenty and too many costly wars.

Jesus was an occupier. Born under a death warrant, a Jew by religion in the lineage of the prophets. Born in poverty, born under Roman occupation. Upon the threat of his life, Mary and Joseph took him to Egypt as an immigrant, as a refugee. He represented hope for the oppressed, and served the poor. He challenged the prevailing ethos of power in Rome. Gandhi was an occupier, he marched the sea protesting colonialism. Dr. King was an occupier, Mandela an occupier. They are all exalted as Martyrs now but rejected as occupiers, as protesters, as radicals; called terrorist by governments.

The occupiers’ cause is a just cause, a moral cause. Too many people homeless, too many families facing home foreclosure, too many people jobless. Too many killed while in the custody of the police. And some people occupy. Banks got bailed out; people got left out. Protestors are criminalised, but not a single banker is going to jail for their crimes of corruption.

Why do we occupy? Because there have been 330 deaths of persons in police custody in this country since 1998, and not one conviction. Six in 2011 alone. Because there 44, 00 homeless in England.

Why do we occupy? Black people are stopped and searched by the police in public places, seven times more frequently than you would expect from the number in the population. And so we occupy.

Today we march to make the world better, to make the world more secure. Too much poverty, too much violence. We must go another way.

Today we lift up or spirits, Occupy is a spirit that goes in search of inequality gaps. And where there are people who cannot get the healthcare, we occupy. For people with homes violated by foreclosure schemes, we occupy. For children who want a good education, but can’t afford one, we occupy. To end the unnecessary wars, we occupy. So that we stand together, a multi-racial coalition, red, yellow, brown, black and white; we are all precious in God’s sight. Everybody is somebody.

When we march, non-violently. Non-violence matters. Violence only spreads disease. Enough violence, stop the violence and choose another way. Better that we have non-violent resistance than have we have non-violent acquiescence. And so we march.

There is something powerful about this demonstration here at St. Pauls. You represent Jesus standing outside the temple. Across the temple he said ‘here is a woman with the might, she is giving her all but the people in high places are not paying their fair share.’

We stand today to fight for one big tent world, who always see each other through a door and not through a key hole. Everybody matters. Say everybody matters

Crowd: Everybody matters.

JJ: Everybody matters.

Crowd: Everybody matters.

JJ: We want.

Crowd: We want

JJ: Education

Crowd: Education

JJ: For our children

Crowd: For our children

JJ: We want

Crowd: We want

JJ: A place

Crowd: A place

JJ: For people to sleep at night

Crowd: For people to sleep at night

JJ: Wipe out

Crowd: Wipe out

JJ: Malnutrition

Crowd: Malnutrition

JJ: Don’t wipe out

Crowd: Don’t’ wipe out

JJ: The malnourishment

Crowd: The malnourishment

JJ: We stand together

Crowd: We stand together

JJ: For a fair

Crowd: For a fair

JJ: Distribution

Crowd: Distribution

JJ: Of resources

Crowd: Of resources

JJ: This land

Crowd: This land

JJ: Is our land

Crowd: Is our land

JJ: This world

Crowd: This world

JJ: Is our world

Crowd: Is our world

JJ: The earth

Crowd: The earth

JJ: Is the Lord’s

Crowd: Is the Lord’s

JJ: and the fullest? thereof

Crowd: And the *fullest? Thereof

JJ: There is enough

Crowd: There is enough

JJ: Air

Crow: Air

JJ: For all of us

Crowd: For all of us

JJ: To breath

Crowd: To breath

JJ: Let it be clean air

Crowd: Let it be clean air

JJ: Enough water

Crowd: Enough water

JJ: For all of us

Crowd: For all of us

JJ: To drink

Crowd: To drink

JJ: Let it be

Crowd: Let it be

JJ: Drinkable water

Crowd: Drinkable water

JJ: Enough science

Crowd: Enough science

JJ: To wipe out AIDS

Crowd: To wipe out AIDS

JJ: Or wipe out cancer

Crowd: Or wipe out cancer

(full stops indicate crowd’s echoes of each phrase)

JJ: Use our science. To wipe out diseases. Not build. Killer weapons. Use our power. To rebuild. Destroyed homes. Use this power. To make us better. And never better. Let nothing. Break your spirit.

We have never. lost a battle. That we have fought. And never won a battle. Unless we have fought.

We fought. To end slavery. We prevailed.

We fought. For women. To have the right to vote. We prevailed.

We fought. For workers. To have the right. To organize. We prevailed.

We fought. For children. To have access. To proper education . We prevailed.

We fought. To end Nazism. We prevailed.

We fought. Against fascism. We prevailed.

We marched. To free Mandela. We prevailed.

When we fight back. We win.

Let nobody. Break your spirit. It’s cold in the winter. It’s warm in the summer. Yet we march on. We keep. Our hope. Alive.

Surely. This is. The mast. Of Christ. This is. A holy day. For the poor. The day. When the world. Says no. To starvation. The world. Says no. To Poverty.

The world says no to ignorance, the world say no to illiteracy and disease.

So stand tall. Fight back. Stand up. Stand Up. With your morals. Know balance. Discipline. Focused. Keep hope. Alive. Keep hope. Alive. Keep hope. Alive.

I Love you.

Occupy London let me hear you scream.

[Crowd cheers]

Occupy New York let me hear you scream.

[Crowd cheers] 

San Francisco

The whole world. Say the whole world

Crowd: The whole world

JJ: Wants justice

Crowd: Wants justice

JJ: Now

Crowd: Now

(Again, full stops here indicate the crowd’s repetition of Jesse Jackson’s phrase)

JJ: The whole world. Wants peace. Now.

The whole World. Wants to educate the children. Now.

The whole world. Wants to live together. Now.

Love together; Stand together; Have joy together.

This world. Is our world.

Say Joy. To the world. Joy. To the world. Joy. To the world.

Occupation. Has come. Joy. To the world.

Love you.

[Crowd Cheers]


[Need someone to transcribe this]








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  1. Peace my brother. We are up against the military industrial complex. A conservative party who’s MPs frolic in Nazi uniform, who’s youth hang and burn effigies of black men, and who’s soul is anti European and xenophobic. We need to stand firm and struggle for peace and freedom. A world of plenty for all. The struggle continues here in St Paul’s in our hearts and in our minds. They CANNOT take that away. Peace takes courage too. WE will prevail…..


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