Today at Occupy London: Reimagining the City.


Occupy London has highlighted how our right to the city is being undermined by the privatization of space which puts much the City out of bounds to ordinary people and protest. We must reverse this process of enclosure and create our city together.

Reimagining the city is a day of walking, exploring, playing, and mapping in the City of London.  It starts at 11am at Tent City University with a series of talks and then meets 1pm outside Tent City University for a walking exploration of the City’s public spaces.

The City of London is the financial hub of the country and the world. For those who do not wish to see our lives ruled by capital, this is a rather good place to explore other possibilities in these spaces and look for ways of reclaiming these spaces.

With a particular focus on the increasingly blurred boundaries between public/private spaces, we will explore and create public space in the City for all to enjoy – a lovely picnic, games of Twister, spoken word performances, music, and much, much more. Bring your imagination, enthusiasm, and some food to share.

Maps of the City of London will be provided to record our experiences and map things of interest.


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