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The 12 Tax Dodgers of Christmas


The Birmingham Flash Mob is holding a massive street party in the centre of Birmingham, on the 5th January 2013 starting at 1pm in Victoria Square. The plan is to shut down the city centre for the day. It is in response to corporations on the high streets who have evaded an excess of £70 billion in corporation tax.

With support from many other activist groups and local businesses; the party will be we rife with musicians, food and drink and a coffee store to setup outside Starbucks

The entire event will be covered by the media; we will be using this day to properly reveal the Anonymous message of truth to the public.

The Flash Mob say “The government is quite simply taxing the poor to feed the rich. We have called upon the entire Anonymous legion of the UK to come to Birmingham for 1pm and help us show solidarity towards the cause! We CAN make change, and we WILL. All are warmly welcomed and we gladly accept any help offered. This will be a day that the tax dodgers will never forget!”

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