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Left wondering what’s happening in Venezuela?

I don’t know enough about the situation. Was this corruption and/or incompetence from the Venezuelan government of Chavez and Maduro? Or another American Imperial move to keep a neoliberal Capitalist hold on Venezualan oil? Apologies for posting here. A number of leftwing activists seem to defend Venezuela no matter what happens and I would like[…]

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Out this week in new format: The Occupied Times – Criminal corporatocracy, Carnival of Dirt, Pilgrimage for Justice, Finsbury Sq latest & much more

The June edition of The Occupied Times is out this week, with a new format and the same dose of critical commentary and analysis our readers have come to expect.
The OT is switching to a magazine front-cover with illustrative artwork by returning artist Alex Charnley that depicts the havoc huge corporations are wreaking across[…]

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