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Time to dump Trump

Time to dump Trump by Corinna Lotz

This is a mirror of the original article here http://realdemocracymovement.org/charlottesville/
Trump’s comments about the conflict in Charlottesville at yesterday’s news conference – if it can be called that – have sent shock waves around the United States.
Veteran presenters on CBS television said they had “never seen a[…]

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EU vote being rammed through by the 5 Right Wing Media Billionaires

Undemocratic stitch up! The principle of no taxation without representation is an important one to me.
The decision by the Tories to exclude the 1.5 million EU citizens from a vote on one of the most important decisions ever by this country that directly affects their lives is undemocratic, unfair and a stitch-up.[…]

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Act Now to Save the Human Rights Act by Joe Mobbs

Act Now to Save the Human Rights Act by Joe Mobbs
The government is likely to include the repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA) – which covers such basic rights and freedoms as freedom from torture and the right to a fair trial – in the Queen’s Speech, please take the following[…]

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