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Happy New Year from Tammy in Barton Moss.

Barton Moss, Photo by Tim Williams.
The speech I wrote and read out on the radio this evening. ~Tammy Samede.

“Our prime sinister often says Let me be clear……
I say no Cameron let me be clear.
It’s a new year 2014.
What does this mean for us?
As individuals and as communities and as[…]

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Update from Jamie, after Barton Moss Lock On.

What a couple of days it has been since arriving at Barton Moss. That mischievous itch grew, and then grew further and out popped a D Lock as I slipped alongside of a lorry!
I was taken to Swinton Police Station after being removed by the “Protestor” removal team having been arrested for Willful obstruction[…]

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Barton Moss 23/12/2013: 4 arrested “to fulfill a quota”

Update from Tim Williams at Barton Moss Protection Camp:
Howling gales driving rain at Barton Moss but we now have the Disco Dome fitted with sound system so we continue to stand here against the Fracking madness. Yesterday I experienced for the first time the feeling of real Oppression it was kind of scary.4 people[…]

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Christmas at Barton Moss.

Great time at the Moss just about enough of everything we might need, lots of good spirits and great music, heavy frost and high winds on their way. I sit in my tent at the centre of stillness with the winds of change raging all around. It’s like making a long prayer for the land[…]

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Powerful letter to the Greater Manchester Police from an arrested protector

This article was derived from BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)
Published on 21 Dec 2013 on BIFF’s Facebook
Powerful letter to the Greater Manchester Police from an arrested protector

Seems appropriate to send this out on the darkest day of the year. As the light will be returning to the world I hope[…]

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By @emweirdigan
Salford in the early hours of a December day, trapped in a sliver of damp earth between motorway and access lane. Barton Moss Protectors’ Camp. Pre-dawn, chilly, dawdling, waiting for the fracking trucks to arrive, waiting to slow-walk up the lane – the only peaceful protest the law is prepared to allow us[…]

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Monday, 16th December 2013
Summary by Obi based on article in The Northern Gas Gala.
The fracking test site at Barton Moss has been blockaded with a giant wind turbine blade!
Around fifty people arrived at 5.30 this morning to leave this imaginative early Christmas gift for fracking company IGas.
The Barton Moss site, near[…]

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BY Tim Williams
Police arresting a Legal Observer.
Below is a Barton Moss Protection Camp update from BIFF and Tim Williams, Legal Observer and Protector. They are in Barton Moss, Salford, Greater Manchester.

Update 9th December 2013. Monday evening Barton Moss Protection Camp:
“All bar one of our protectors[…]

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This article was derived from BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)
Published on 13 Dec 2013 on BIFF’s Facebook
The Greater Manchester Police are reaching new levels of brutality and unjustifiable arrest at IGas Barton Moss Drilling Site
Today, two of them threw a disabled man into a ditch – apparently breaking his knee[…]

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