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Surprise visit from No to Bike Parking Fines bikers to OccupyLSX


Sitting in Tent City University earlier today, we suddenly heard the revving of lots of bikes and lots of people ran out to see what was happening.

In a surprise visit, about a 100 or so bikers came to Occupy London, to show their solidarity and stopped for 10 minutes or so, revving their engines to cheers from the crowds.

Find out more about their campaign at http://notobikeparkingtax.com/.

We are very grateful to Shaun Hines for giving us permission to use these photos. Please credit if you share them.


5 Responses to “Surprise visit from No to Bike Parking Fines bikers to OccupyLSX”

  1. OLSX I love the way you are bringing people together from all walks of life in a common cause. Raising awareness for so many, giving people a voice against injustices imposed upon them.from ‘the authorities’.

    Soon you will be making the news instead of being blacked out from it. You are becoming the voices of Britain one person at a time.

    Keep up the work and have a good time too.

  2. thanks for the great reception

    there is a demo this thursday at the palace theatre charing cross road , organised by the musicians union , against the greed and corruption or westminster city councils parking dept ,,,, it will be attended by all interested parties including night workers and bikers who are being hammered by parking taxes imposed by wcc crooks

    london is rising against corruption … be there between 5 and 8 in the evening !!

  3. The bikers have been fighting the introduction of parking fees for years now, exposing just how undemocratic and corrupt Westminster Council are along the way.

    Thousands upon thousand objected to the scheme, which was pushed through regardless. Now Westminster are once again ignoring objections in pushing through weekend and evening parking charges.

    All they care about is money.

    Read more here: http://brokenhelix.co.uk/no-to-bike-parking-charges/

  4. Great to see more people arriving to support a good cause.


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