Save our hospitals


As someone involved with Occupy in London from the start of the occupation at St. Paul’s I’ve been all too aware of the implications of the cuts to public services which are being imposed as a direct result of the crisis, which has been entirely the fault of letting financial institutions run amok with imaginary money. Whilst we, the people,

have continued to pay direct and indirect taxes, it is us who are expected to stand by whilst the services we pay for, and are dependent on, are removed. Essential services – social housing, education, care for the most vulnerable, health.


In the area of London in which I live we are vigorously opposing the proposed closure of three Accident & Emergency departments:at Ealing, Hammersmith and Charing X hospitals.


Thousands of ordinary people have, and are, coming together to express our anger at this proposal. We are supported not only by our local (Labour) MP,  but also by the Conservative controlled local council.


Saturday, October 6th, will see the culmination of our efforts with a march and rally, taking place before the final date for ‘consultations’ with the local community on October 8th.


I will keep you updated on the outcome of the ‘consultation’ and, should the closure of these A & E’s be the outcome I am certain that many of us will be inclined to acts of civil disobedience to bring our case to greater prominence .


The link below tells you more about the effects of these closures and a simple Google search will guide you to innumerable articles on the topic.


Liz Beech

For information on the march and rally:

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