Remembrance events today at Occupy London


Occupy London will today join war veterans and others to show respect to all those who lost their lives in both World Wars and other conflicts.

There will be a 90 minute service in the St Paul’s Cathedral beginning at 10.15am and the two minutes silence will be observed by all.

‘We Dare to Dream of a World at Peace’
This evening Occupy London will hold a Peace evening, starting at 7pm, entitled ‘We Dare to Dream of a World at Peace’. Speakers including Catherine Powell of Occupy London’s Remembrance Day working Group, Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace, Chris Nineham of the Stop the War Coalition, and Kate Hudson from CND, who have been invited to speak on ‘being the peace we want to see in the world’, sharing something of their own personal journeys, and how we can grow the faith that another way is possible. There will be candles and songs for all the camp to join in with.

Visitors are also invited to contribute to a Remembrance wall where people can contribute personal messages, photographs and names as a way of remembering lives lost due to wars.

These Remembrance events at Occupy London have been organised by its Remembrance Day working group, which brings together people from the camps – near the London Stock Exchange just by St Paul’s Cathedral and at Finsbury Square – comprising veterans and civilians working together through dialogue and consensus decision-making to honour the day respectfully.


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  1. My heart and prayers are with you.

    My prayer is “Help us!” because I have learnt, through much humbling, that we can’t do this without God.

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  3. I would like to see a bit more about how the remembrance went at the camp, including this evening. And how you coordinated with the cathedral.
    There have been numerous scurrilous letters here in my regional newspaper about protesters dishonouring the remembrance (all written in advance of the day).
    I would like some factually stuff to use to reply to these.
    Here in Cornwall, people tend to be very conservative (small “c”) and the age profile is very slanted to older people. Sharp young people who might support the OccupyLSX campaign have already left for livelier parts of the country. The “youth” that does stay tend to see the epitome of life as getting plastered on Union St in Plymouth.

  4. Why are you called Occupy London Stock Exchange when you are not actually occupying it? Your ‘movement’ is a joke.

    • Uh?

    • The police moved the protest out of the square on the 15th October. You could do some reading and research before hand. There is no conflict with St Pauls. Instead of attacking this movement through fear, you could listen and maybe learn something. Open minds and change hearts, keep it up OccupyLondonLSX.

    • Why does mr/mrs Baker refer to themselves as such, why are the ‘Smiths’ allowed to keep using Smith as their surname ?

      Now get back into your primary school class and learn SOMETHING useful please !

  5. I understand that Occupy LSX now have a bank account with the Co-op with around £10k in it. That’s quite significant for an organisation not even a month old and if you are trying to tackle other organisations on transparency, you need be completely transparent yourselves so I call for Occupy to publish the following on this website:

    1. A list of every monetary donation made to date, whether it was made by an individual or organisation and if the latter, the name of the organisation. The same for all future donations.
    2. A list of all expenditure to date backed up by receipts for each item. Provide an explanation for missing receipts. The same for all future expenses.
    3. The amount of money lost to theft or otherwise cannot be accounted for.
    4. A list of all donated items where the value of an item is £10 or greater.
    5. The names of every signatory to the Co-op bank account, their occupation, qualifications, and a brief sentence on each person as to why they got involved in Occupy.
    6. Whether single, joint, or multiple signatures are required for cheques and over the counter withdrawals.
    7. The number of debits cards linked to the Co-op account and who has responsibility for them.
    8. If you have internet banking, the number of user IDs, ActivIDentity tokens, and who has responsibility for them.
    9. Weekly bank transaction and balance reports. Very easy to download in PDF format – I have a Co-op business account so know how this works.
    10. Weekly petty cash transaction and balance reports.
    11. All GA minutes in order to show consensus on spending decisions.

    I don’t believe that to be unfair – does anyone disagree? Perhaps someone could respond on behalf of Occupy?

    • that seems reasonable

  6. Yes. But to satisfy this list Occupy would need at least one campaigner working full time just to provide this information.

    • There are so many people at the camp fart-arsing about all day, doing things like juggling, kicking footballs about, etc. There is plenty of time to get these jobs done. Stop making excuses.

    • This isn’t difficult, complicated, or time-consuming – these are basic tasks around financial control that are mandatory for any organisation and points 5-8 are one-off items for the purposes of transparency. Is your post implying that records are not being kept?

  7. Its ironic that this weeks old, miniscule movement, recieving donations without conditions is being held to account whilst the sovereign right off every citizen to create credit, given to private entities in “trust”, is held and created with absolute no regard to regulation, transperancy, accountability or direction.

    In my opinion, this is the cruz of the matter worldwide, but most especially in New York and London, the heart and center of world banking.

    The power to create credit and its direction, is the greatest force available to man, is also its greatest tool to overcome injustice, to man and enviroment.

    To my mind, all else is only possible after this core issue is resolved.

    The creation of credit can longer be left in private hands as has been well demonstrated. Nor can they be put in politicians hands as the body politic has been well and truly corrupted. A new body, in the vein of the justice system needs be put in place to direct and regulate the power to create credit.
    Failing this we will never be able to deal with the problems that plague mankind as it enters a periliuos stage never before encountered by us on a plantery scale.

    This movement is world wide, thrown up in response to stress on ourselves and systems that are failing. .

    • True !

  8. 1) The one minute of silence IMPOSITION TO THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY without voting on Saturday 12/11/2011.

    2) “Our group and many within the Celtic support do not recognise the British Armed Forces as heroes, nor their role in many conflicts including Opium Wars, Vietnam and Irak as one worthy of our remembrance”

    3) Some people choose to wear white poppies as a pacifist alternative to the red poppy. The white poppy and white poppy wreaths were introduced by the UK’s Co-operative Women’s Guild in 1933. Today, white poppies are sold by Peace Pledge Union or may be home-made.

  9. Those of us from Occupy London who were present at St Paul’s at 11am on both Friday 11/11 and Sunday 13/11, along with the rest of the country and many other parts of the world, observed the silence in respect and remembrance. We are a peaceful movement and as such we grieve along with all others for all those people around the world whose lives are lost or shattered by armed conflict.

    We are a forum for everyone and anyone to contribute ideas about how to create a genuinely fairer, more peaceful world. Obviously armed conflict is contrary to those aims however we stand in solidarity with all those who have been affected by the devastation of all wars everywhere, both civilians and combatants.

    As you can see in this article there are a number of veterans among the movement who know from first hand experience the brutality of war.


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