Proposals and Decisions GA 7pm on Thursday 10 November 2011 OLSX


From working group reports back:

Session one decision, proposed by armistice day working group:
Sunday evening GA will be on theme of “peace.” This to be organised in liaison
with the youth movement group who already planned to be in charge of the GA on

Long discussion of whether and how to respond to City of London “offer“.

The proposals were to
1. Not respond at all—we don’t want any dialogue with the Corporation
2. Respond that we do not accept negotiating on an end date for Ooccupy LSX
and that we instead appeal to the public to come protect us in the event of any
attempt to evict us while we’re fighting for their needs
3. That we respond as per legal team proposal (Legal Proposal for GA 10-11-11)
4. That we respond as per legal team proposal but making dialogue conditional
not on the three demands about City of London financial transparency, but on
the 9 points raised in our initial statement.
Consensus that we will:

Respond using the text prepared by the legal team and circulated at this GA, with
some amendments to be finalised overnight and subject to legal advice.

Minute taker’s note:
It got very late and cold and by the time the meeting finished most people had left.
However, in view of the morning deadline which the lawyer had advised us of, the
following were agreed by those remaining:

Statement to be sent with a note that it is not complete and is subject to legal advice.

Response to be headed “without prejudice” if this is ok with lawyers.

Need to make clear that our purpose is bigger. What we are here for is best agreed by
the 9 points agreed on 16 October. Response to make clear that we are not just here
for the three demands re City of London, what we are here because :
“The current system is unsustainable . . . . (list the whole 9 points of original

Other amendments to be checked out with lawyer or added later were:

— Change “if the following terms are met we will wish to continue dialogue. . .”
to “ . . . we MAY wish to continue dialogue”
— Adding a condition that the City stop being a tax haven
— Adding a condition about a minimum living wage of £10 per hour
— If we do consider dialogue the CoL should come to the GA for it as this is how we
do it

All subject to legal advice and full agreement (legal team have full text of this.)

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