Police set to throw a community of 21 homes onto the street


grntSave our Homes: Haringey has called for support in its campaign to stop the Metropolitan Police throwing a community of 21 homes onto the street. With austerity cuts, the Met faces a short-fall in funding from the government of £500 million. This is part of a wider assault of cuts, austerity and privatisation that the government justifies due to the country’s debts. Although it seldom mentions how these debts have been caused mainly by the banker’s bailout and corporate tax evasion that costs the country over a trillion in lost revenue.

The local group stated:

The Metropolitan Police are planning to make 21 families homeless by reclaiming the land at Connaught House for profitable redevelopment. We have lived here for over 20 years.  The Met Police will be ripping the heart out of this community, as the families are due to be EVICTED IN TWO WEEKS TIME. We, the residents, have decided to take our first protest outside New Scotland Yard on Saturday 23 February at 2pm.  I know it’s due to be a cold weekend but if you could find it in your heart to come and show your support, we would be eternally grateful.

 This situation shows the real face of austerity, a governmental policy that is causing pain across Britain, with even sharper cuts and deeper pain nationwide in April, with the coming of the new financial year. Michelle Mattocks, who lives in Connaught Gardens, commented “I am outraged by the way we’re being treated. We’re North Londoners – we deserve to keep our community.”

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