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“I will boycott Amazon this Christmas but only if 50,000 other people will do the same.”

— Stephen Reid, UK Uncut

The latest from the UK Uncutters. Stephen Reid has started a pledge to boycott Amazon this Christmas and hopes to gain another 50,000 people to come alongside.

We have shown Starbuck’s the power of the consumer by ensuring they lose customers to Costa coffee shops and Independents, now would be the time to show the internet retailer Amazon the same. We may not be able to demonstrate outside their offices, we can show them that they would lose customers if they continue their tax evasion, which is an obfuscation of what is really legalised taxdodging.

This government continues to protect the rich and allow them to continue robbing from the poor. Each time they do not pay Corporation Tax means more cuts in services and the local community bears the brunt of the increased suffering.

What we can do is show the hypocrisy of the ConDem government of claiming that there is no money to support the disenfranchised of society.

This is one comment from our Occupier Em.

Don’t just sign it – seriously boycott Amazon!

I was seduced by Amazon for a while and I’m pretty resistant to corporate seduction. Last winter, my disgust for corporations – freshly whipped up by Occupy – combined with a realisation that Amazon is one of the big nasties. So I started going to bookshops again – to buy books, or to browse and get a bit of inspiration.

Local, secondhand and specialist bookshops – wow – they are a proper experience in so many ways. Frosty fresh air, then the warmth of the shop hits you. You get to pick up lovely books and flick through them. You spot interesting books you didn’t know existed. You can read bits of them while you’re there – sometimes there’s even chairs to sit on while you do that. Usually, if they don’t have the book you want, they can order it. You can talk to people about books if you want. Sometimes you stumble across a book launch or signing, or some free mince pies. When you buy something, the likelihood is the money will go to real people not a multinational corporation – it might even stay in the local economy, it might save a booksellers’ livelihood. And if the bookseller earns enough to pay tax, they’ll probably pay tax.

Ok, Amazon isn’t just about books. And it’s not always feasible to go browsing around real shops (it used to be; just a few years ago you pretty much had to, if you wanted to buy something, but anyway…)


Here’s how to buy the same kind of stuff that Amazon sells, online:

‘Alternatives to Amazon’ – gives a bit of a blah and alternatives for book-buying:

This offers alternatives and price-comparisons for non-books:

Ethical Consumer has also produced some research on Tax-paying alternatives to Amazon is a great alternative to Amazon – linking together independent booksellers.

Search ‘Alternatives to Amazon’ and there’s quite a lot out there…


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