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OccupyLSX weighs up offer from Corporation of London


Occupy London Stock Exchange (OccupyLSX) today met with the Corporation of London at their request.  There were seven representatives from OccupyLSX including its legal representative, Paul Ridge of Bindmans, and two representatives from the Corporation.

The Corporation said that they had no objection to the camp continuing until New Year, with the only condition being a clear path for fire access along St Paul’s Churchyard, which would involve a slight reduction in the size of the camp. Representatives of OccupyLSX agreed to take this information back to its General Assembly for discussion and debate, before making a decision on what action to take.

The specific proposal is that they would suspend legal action if the occupation agreed to:

  1. Scale back the part of the camp on their land to allow improved fire access
  2. Remove all tents from Corporation land by New Year 2012.
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