#OccupyLSX – Plans for Saturday 15 October


There have been some concerns as to where we will be able to assemble and occupy. We will still be assembling at Midday outside St Pauls Cathedral. If we can take Paternoster, we will. Otherwise, rest assured there are contingency plans in place. We will Occupy London!

Assemble in front of St Pauls Cathedral at Midday – please try to be on time and not early or late. When you are there be ready and attentive.

Make sure to follow @OccupyLSX on twitter for updates on the day. If you don’t have a smartphone, sign up to twitter text updates for the day (see how here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/289826-how-to-get-sms-notifications-for-mentions-dms-and-more#user)

Try to come with a friend or group of friends. If you are thinking of staying for a while bring plenty of food and water, wrap up warm bring a tent and a sleeping bag.

Bring your energy and excitement, and be ready to create a better world!


35 Responses to “#OccupyLSX – Plans for Saturday 15 October”

  1. Hi, I wirte to say a BIG thank you to the organisers of this event. I have been waiting for it to reach our streets since reading about the US protests in the Guardian.

    Different people have voiced different reasons for attending the event. I am a Canadian immigrant working in investment banking since 2002 and my reason for attending is based on my insight into how banks, large corporations and “magic circle” law firms operate in the greatest secrecy, to expertly control the little we know about their activities and the extent of their involvement within our governments. It is the same unhealthy dynamic to that of the relationship between British politicians and News International, except that while the media moguls seek to control how we believe and think, banks and corporations decision makers seek to control how we live. I am not again capitalism, I am against unfair distribution of wealth; the failure of our governments to bring to book bankers whose decisions have contributed to the empoverishment and enslavement of generation after generation through debts; I am against the persistent arrogance demonstrated by the banking elite by not taking genuine steps for change but testing instead the mettle of the Brtish public; I am also against the willful use of police force against democratic protest.

    Secrecy favors deceit. To keep secrecy requires the population to be kept in ignorance. I am also protesting for more openness about what goes on between government, banks and law firms.

    See you at St Paul’s at midday tomorrow.

    kind regards,

  2. Best wishes from an American protester! Extremely glad to see the protests spreading worldwide.

  3. I want to attend the protest in London and I have been inspired by the humanist, non political actions in North Africa, Spain and the USA. The London organisers however appear to be politically motivated which puts me off. I think I will turn up in London tomorrow and if there is any sign of political manipulation or incitement of violence (which usually happens in London protests) I will leave extremely disappointed in a lost opportunity for mankind.

  4. Have a great demo. May I suggest that you consider using your wonderful social network, in Twitter, FaceBook and your website, to educate your followers in how the money system, and in particular the banking system, works,

    Please visit

    When the general public learn the facts, instead of the misinformation encouraged by bankers, there will be an outcry that our politicians cannot ignore.

  5. http://youtu.be/r4dTG98Jj4U

    you wont fool the children of the revolution

  6. if you don’t want more bail outs, and money printing, and inflation.
    use bitcoin (http://bitcoin.org), its kind of like money-done-right.
    there will be no more then 21milions in existance, even. -> no inflation.
    every coin is devisable up to the 8’st dicimal. -> you can give a 0.00000001 bitcoin, if you like.
    no one can take your money, without your permission -> you control your money
    banks are not needed -> no more bailouts! the banks does not exist anymore. 🙂

    sorry for my bad english, im danish.

  7. With you in spirit and strength at midday. Written from the Highlands of Scotland. Nowhere in the world is free from the smudged fingering of banks and their puppets. No more bailouts!

  8. Really outside St Paul’s couldn’t think of a worse place to go… why not outside The Bank…no outside a religious venue. Yes near the city but not really a great place that’s going to affect a lot of the people you are aiming this protest at. Just like Occupy Wall Street a protest with no real focus to it.

  9. You have my full support.
    Not able to come to London at the moment.

    I think some of the most important questions now are:

    – Who do you think is ruling the world these days? – “The Money World” or The Governments?
    – Who do you vote for? – The political party or Financial Group?

  10. Hi I only found out about this just now and it would be brilliant to support but I cant get down today, is there going to be any more in the near future? Hope all goes well today ,

  11. I understand your frustration with bank bailouts. This is wrong. But than again this is not the banks fault. It is the government who decided to give a baillout.

    One more point: Future free from austerity…????


  12. i would put a call for true democracy in europe at the top of my list of demands.

    we all know the world’s problems cannot be solved by nations acting alone. to state the obvious, if one country raises taxes on the rich, then the rich will just move abroad.

    for me, europe is about two things: an association of democratic countries with common values (that should be open to all, including new muslim democracies in our neighbourhood). and a means of solving problems that are too big for individual nations to solve.

    but the whole european project has been hijacked by national governments. everything gets decided by our governments haggling behind closed doors. the public are treated like children and shut out. it has been too convenient and too easy for them to move more and more policy decisions to brussels, where they can run things amongst themselves out of sight of their electorates. that has too stop. but you don’t get the right to govern your own affairs until the day you step up and demand it.

    that’s why my biggest demand would be a directly elected european presidency. i don’t mean giving even more power to brussels. i mean making brussels accountable for the power it already has. i mean having someone sitting at the table who represents the european public interest directly and unambiguously.

    why is the eurozone in crisis? the euro’s debt problems are no worse than in the u.s. or uk. the reason for the crisis is that too many national politicians are fighting their own corners. if there were one person who could credibly stand up and present a case for the common interest, the crisis could be solved. there is a common public interest, but there is no leadership.

    there are plenty of other issues besides the euro that the public should be given the first and last say in solving, but which are instead left to a bunch of technocrats, responding to the competing and confused demands of 27 national governments.

  13. WHY can’t you occupy the catherdral its the holy site and your protected by the church and god..so scrwe them!there is room in the inn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. on DISORDER CHARGES ITS BOLLOX I WATCHED THE FILM THREE MUSKATTERRS LAST NIGHT:-they talked of supression of disorder………the baddy richileu’s troops against three muskateers older films show TRUTH..as the elite have wiped out real history they have done this via laws a just regime….

  15. “The Rise of American Investment Banking, the Demise of British Gentlemanly Capitalism, and the Global Financial Crisis”

    A MUST read short article for Occupy LSX organisers and participants – written by an American investment banker exposing the dirt, AND a SOLUTION. Please consider rallying around this important message and solution.

  16. My son and I came up from Poole today(had to come home tonight as am working tommorrow)despite some reservations about the Movement,because we’re thrilled to see people,the youth especially,finally waking up to how the super-rich have hijacked our world & our futures,& we wanted to show solidarity.Unfortunately tho,our earlier reservations were proved well-founded.
    Don’t get me wrong-the people who ‘organized’ today are clearly well-intentioned,honourable & bright people-but alas they are also inexpierienced & not a little naive.At the latest,by yesterday they knew that an injunction had been obtained barring any protest in Paternoster Square,& should have realised from this that there was no way the pigs were going to let us in there.Occupy London even acknowledged this last night,but assured people “don’t worry,we do have alternative sites in mind to occupy”. Clearly,if you were there,you will know that this was not the case.Instead,seemingly completely flummoxed by the kettling(which they really ought to have expected & planned for)they meekly suggested a sit-down protest in St Pauls Square & an entirely futile General Assembly ensued,during which the 3,500 were all repeatedly told things they knew already! Maybe if you were brand new to the anti-capitalist movement,all this may have had some positive effect,but there were many people around us who found the process irritating & downright boring!Already it was obvious that this protest was going nowhere & that the chances of a lengthy occupation arising from it were almost nil.Does anyone really believe that this kind of direction-less,shambolic,anaemic protest is going to scare the elites into giving up the power that they have held for hundreds of years?If you do,I suspect you are probably a hippie,a peacenik anarchist or a total newbie.
    And there lies the rub,as in the US this movement is a ramshackle coaltion of many colours-anarchists,socialists,labour voters,left-leaning liberals,hippies,communists,trade unionists & even libertarians and,as happened in Spain ’36-’39,it is a disorganized mess that is heading for ultimate ignominious defeat!
    To avoid this,in my humble opinion…
    1) We need to reach out to the Unions(as they’ve done in NY)either at national or local level.
    2) We need to get past all this anarchist dreaming & formulate some kind of leadership
    3) We have to get real about the Old Bill.They are the private army of the ruling class,always have been,They are NOT the friends of the people & there will be times(tho I accept today was not one of them)when they will have to be physically confronted.
    4) We will have to grow up & accept that an elite that has ruled our country for centuries is not going to be swept aside without a little bit of ‘unpleasantness’!
    5)We need to formulate a specific set of demands that we can stick to,a real alternative to the free markets,something that the ordinary man & woman in the street can understand & relate to.
    6) We need to get our heads out of the clouds & accept that,up to this point,there is still a LOT of persuading to do!As yet,the 99% are NOT truly with us,& until they are,clever as we think we might be,we will actually achieve nothing!
    7) And we need to plan protests in future with a lot more maturity & strategical nous-as someone else has said,todays choice was utterly brainless & left the OB with the easiest of jobs-we virtually set the f-cking kettle up for them!
    Rant over,apologies to any gentle souls that might’ve been offended,but real revolution is not fun,it’s not a party or a love-in,nor a day out in the sun smoking weed listening to whistles & bongos-it’s a serious,dirty,often mean,hard-headed & violent business.If you don’t accept that you will get nowhere & end up being laughed at! Message to todays organizers-read John Reed’s ‘Ten Days That Shook The World’….& learn!

  17. Ignoring everything else about the protests, why St. Paul’s? During a Saturday, ok, fair enough, but staying through the night is going to massively inconvenience anyone trying to go to mass on Sunday (starts at 8am, I believe). Is going to church also against the tenets of this protest?

  18. For those of us who would like to support the protest but can’t make it to London, is there an address we can send parcels to?

    I was thinking food, gloves, torches etc might come in handy.

    Do you think St Pauls would pass them on?

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  26. Hi
    You have my 100% support and my thanks for your sacrifice of lifes comforts. I have felt alienated politically for years and this movement brings me hope that we can develop a new political economy that is far more just than the existing one.
    Important point re mainstream media:
    I have just listened to a brief Radio 4 interview with OccupyLSX on the Today program. It was good, but naive. The reporters are not on your side they are want to make fools of you, because the journos are cynics. The gist of the question was something along the lines ‘how do you expect to be taken seriously with such a rag tag collection of intentions’, but more polite. The answer should be what makes you think that the statements are disconnected? Surely you want a political economy that takes into account climate change, social equity,etc.
    The answer given was, yes, but lots of people are angry. This means that you have agreed with the statement that the movement is incoherent. Don’t let the media set the agenda. Do not be afraid to be rude to the media. Do not play by
    their rules. You are not politicians you are people. If you always keep in mind that journos are cynics and want to make you look bad, you shouldn’t go wrong. You can say things like, ‘this is not a proper question, you are trying to score points against someone who is not media savvy’.

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  28. If you cannot beat them – join them – what is to stop the BOE having its own Global Markets trading room acting for GB Plc? Can you get your head around that one Osborne ol son?

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