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#OccupyLSX – Jewish Statement of Support for Occupy London


“As members of the British Jewish community, we wish to support the ‘Occupy
London’ movement and its current bases at St Paul’s and Finsbury Square. We
welcome the movement’s openness, pluralism and commitment to imagining a more just
world. We see this as fulfilling many of the precepts of Judaism, such as the
imperative: ‘Justice, justice shall you pursue’. Our history calls for us to speak
out than remain silent in the face of injustice, and our religion emphasises that
justice is found in the concrete acts of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked
and giving help to the oppressed. Our spirituality must be grounded in these,
which are not merely acts of occasional charity, but a fundamental daily ethical

“Our Jewish heritage includes a long tradition of reshaping society to help the
least fortunate, from the teaching of prophets like Amos and Jeremiah, to Rabbi
Hillel, to modern figures such as Abraham Joshua Heschel and Naomi Klein. It also
includes a long history of secular Jewish activism, in the struggles for fair
treatment for workers, human rights and environmental justice. It is in this
tradition that we add our voices to the movement demanding accountability, honest
and ethical practices from banks and global corporations, and a restructuring of
financial regulation to ensure transparency and strict legality.

“We wish Occupy London success in furthering and deepening the debate in the
country, and hope it will be a catalyst towards a more sustainable, just and equal

Occupy Judaism London
Rabbi Judith Rosen-Berry
Rabbi Howard Cooper
Rabbi Sheila Shulman
Rabbi Mark Solomon
Rabbi Margaret Jacobi
Rabbi Judith Levitt
Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah
Rabbi Richard Jacobi
Rabbi Shulamit Ambalu

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