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#OccupyLondon – Zombie Bank Run


On Monday, over 100 zombie bankers  from OccupyLSX and OccupyLFS took to the streets of Central London for the Zombie Bank Run. The zombies halted a busy traffic intersection dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. They then moved on to shut down a RBS bank branch before heading to the RBS headquarters and forcing the 83% taxpayer owned bank to close its doors.

A zombie bank is a bank which survives on taxpayers’ subsidies but doesn’t use this money for any useful lending to help the economy recover. The government is making huge public sector cuts while the banks pay themslves huge bonuses and have little value for society, so we’re taking to the streets to show our anger at how they’re acting.

On Monday, 100 leading economists called on the government to end the cuts and public sector job losses change direction on its economic policy to avoid a double dip recession.

Below is a collection of videos and images from around the web:

Zombie Bank Run by Jon Cheetham


Zombie Bankers Run – London by NewGaiaDesigns

A few images on Demotix – http://www.demotix.com/news/906610/zombie-bank-run-city-london

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