OccupyLSX welcomes potential re-opening of St Paul's Cathedral


OccupyLSX welcomes today’s statement from St Paul’s in which they announced it is highly likely that they will re-open to tourist and worshippers on Friday 28th October.

Tanya Paton said: “It’s tremendous that St Paul’s have decided to reopen. We’ve have always wanted them to reopen and we’ve always been keen to resume dialogue with the Dean and Chapter. It’s just really good news.”

“At the same time, as the Cathedral had closed, we had been planning to mark our third weekend of occupation with a special event bringing people of different faiths, beliefs and none together to look at what we all have in common and why we’re here – to bring about real social and economic justice for every single person in society. We have already invited members of the Cathdral, but now that it looks like the Cathedral will be open, we would like to extend a hand of friendship and bring together the members of the occupation, Churchgoers and others, to restore the historic legacy of St Paul’s Cathedral as a place of debate and focus on the important issues of the day.”

Dubbed ‘Sermon on the Steps’, the event will take place at 3pm Saturday 29th October and is being co-ordinated by volunteers based at Occupy London. It will include readings and reflection, prayer and short speeches by representatives of different faiths, and non faith, all with the theme of Love, Peace and Unity.

A wide variety of faith groups and individuals, including Christian churches, Catholic Workers, Pax Christi, Church of England reverends, Jewish outreach groups, Hari Krishnas, atheists, anarchists, humanists and reverends from denominational and non-denominational churches have expressed a desire to participate and add their voice in support of the occupation and its cause.

Retired Church of England reverend Dennis Nadin said: “The question I’m asking is why has the Cathedral not voiced their support for the protesters, who have raised the substantive issue of reform of financial institutions and the redistribution of wealth and power.”

Representatives will speak in a non-hierarchical order, and once all the representatives have concluded and the Sermon ends, the gathering will be followed by a Public Assembly, with an open question and answer session, to allow for discussion of issues raised by the Sermon.

If you or your organisation, whatever your faith, belief or non-faith background, would like to get involved, please email multifaithbelief@googlegroups.com or go to the information tent at the Occupy London Stock Exchange site and leave your name and contact details for the Multi-faith and Belief Liaison group.

Upcoming OccupyLSX events:

  • 9.30am Thursday 27th October  – Independent health and safety auditors invited by OccupyLSX will inspect the camp at Saint Paul’s
  • Friday 2pm 28th October – Monopoly bike ride starting from St Paul’s.




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