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Occupy London today – Mark Thomas, UK Occupy Conf, Spanish elections, Robin Hood Tax, Youth assembly


Its another busy weekend for Occupy London with a host of events happening at its London Stock Exchange camp just by St Paul’s Cathedral and its Finsbury Square camp.

There are also events happening at the Bank of Ideas, Occupy London’s first building at 29 Sun Street, where the huge abandoned office block owned by investment bank UBS is being transformed into a space for political discussion and debate. [1]

James Sevitt of Occupy London’s Tent City University commented: “As we enter day 36, it’s hard to imagine Occupy London not being part of the City of London now. There is a real sense of community growing, as campers, speakers, workers, tourists mix, engaging diverse views about how we can create a more just society. This is collective thinking and wisdom in action.

“As Occupy London is very much in support of those unions coming out on strike on Wednesday 30th November, we are busy getting prepared and its great to see unions lending theis support to the Occupy movement. Expect to hear more from us about this soon!”

Events are free and all are welcome to attend. Highlights include:

Bank of Ideas

  • 10am onwards – UK and Ireland Occupy Conference continues with representatives from occupations across the UK and Ireland coming together for the first time ever. These include Cork, Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Isle of Wight, Liverpool, Newcastle, Norwich and Plymouth. Today there will be sessions with campaigners including UK Uncut/UCU, Greenpeace/Climate Justicw Collective and Occupy London’s International commission. Full programme at http://uleak.it/?aku
  • 10am – Direct Democracy! – Multi Lingual Community Rights shop
  • 11am – The Privatisation of Universities with Prof. Luke Martell from the University of Sussex
  • 11am – The Third Wave in Globalisation Theory
  • 12am – Robin Hood Tax – what it is, and how to make it happen
  • 1pm – Alana Lentin
  • 2pm – Public Services for Parents ‘v’ the Cuts! Lucy Reese, local mother of two, began a campaign with other local parents to save the local nursery when in August it was axed,   Hear about her ongoing battle to save her local services
  • 3pm – Where Next? Continuing the Struggle after the Eviction – Learning from the strategies of old social movements with Brendan Donegan, Teaching Fellow at SOAS and Goldsmiths and Researcher at LSE
  • 4pm – James Miller, academic from Kingston university and author of Lost Boys and Sunshine State gives readings from his books. He is just back from Berlin where he was speaking (along with Egyptian author Khaled Al Khamissi) about the connections between the Arab Spring and student protests
  • 5pm – Photography workshop with Man Cheung
  • 6pm – Comedian and activist Mark Thomas reads excerpts from his book The People’s Manifesto, and takes suggestions from his audience to vote for the best
Occupy London Stock Exchange
  • 11am – Veronica Chapman at Tent City University (TCU)
  • 12am – Tent City University Drawing Class: Documents of Hope and Resistance
  • 1pm – General Assembly – Occupy London’s democratic decision making body – by steps of St Paul’s Cathedral
  • 2pm – What is the Impact of Capitalism on Children? The blogger ‘libdemchild’, aged 12, will examine how capitalism affects children’s lifestyles and choices. At TCU
  • 3pm – Radical Poetry Workshop at TCU: Become a spokesperson for anti capitalism through the medium of spoken word by Pete the Temp
  • 4pm – Deep politics and the revolutions business. Journalist Patrick Henningsen speaks on deep politics, colour revolutions and co-option. TCU
  • 5pm – Dwijen Rangnekar “Food Sovereignty: The case of Farmers’ Rights”. TCU
  • 6pm – Noel Douglas “Signs of Revolt-Creative Resistance to a Commodified World” at TCU. Visual talk looking at how Neo-Liberalism has shaped our culture in negative ways and how artists/designers/pranksters and activists have used the power of  creative imagination to resist this in the past decade as part of social movements against Capitalism, War and Climate Change
  • 7pm – Youth Assembly by steps of St Paul’s Cathedral
  • 7.30pm – Spanish elections via livestream (TCU) – Along with the livestream of the elections, there will be a talk about the political and economic situation in Spain, its commonalities with the British situation and the work of the Indignados or 15M movement to challenge the root causes of this global crisis
Finsbury Square
  • 12am – Wild Law & Earth Justice by Melanie Strickland
  • 5pm – Prison Abolition 101
[1] The complex is owned by Sun Street Properties Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UBS. The property includes 5-29 Sun Street, 5-17 Crown Place, 8-16 Earl Street and 54 Wilson Street. See dl.dropbox.com/u/136370/bankofideas/ubs…, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/136370/bankofideas/shoreditch-ubs.PDFdl.dropbox.com/u/136370/bankofideas/pla…,http://dl.dropbox.com/u/136370/bankofideas/os-map.pdf and dl.dropbox.com/u/136370/bankofideas/lan

4 Responses to “Occupy London today – Mark Thomas, UK Occupy Conf, Spanish elections, Robin Hood Tax, Youth assembly”

  1. mic check

  2. Also v/ TWITTER & @RuwaydaMustafah

    “Please join us 2moro outside Egyptian embassy from 12-2PM in London mourning the loss of victims today in Egypt & protesting against SCAF.” (POSTED 7 HOURS AGO)

  3. NICE ONE OCCUPYING UBS BUILDING………..theres no trespass if you don’t ruin building,,,,,,,,also theres no trespass if your acts are just and valid witch they are…..

  4. Hi all, have you considered how the Robin Hood tax paves the way for a one-world currency? This is exactly what the agenda of the global elite is. I implore you, please be careful when looking at transaction taxes. Further, it’s a tax! That alone should set alarm bells ringing – like the slaves asking for more enslavement! I used to be totally behind the Robin Hood tax, but I simply can’t support it any longer unless someone can point out how it can’t be used to pave the way for a one-word currency. From my current perspective, having a transaction tax on this global financial economy would necessarily mean financial institutions communicating internationally – and there we have the foundations for a one-world single currency. The global elite would most likely revel in such a notion as how much easier would it be to control the populations if we were all using the same debt-based fiat currency?!


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