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Occupy London to put the one per cent on trial as it brings abandoned court back to life


As Occupy London Stock Exchange occupation prepares to present its case at the High Court today, Occupy London supporters have liberated a disused court house – Old Street Magistrate’s Court – in London‘s East End alongside a group of military veterans, Occupy Veterans.

The opening of Occupy London’s fourth occupation, will see the movement conducting “trials of the one per cent” in the abandoned magistrate’s court building which has lain empty since 1996, despite its prime location and grade II listing.

More information about this abandoned magistrate’s court can be found at http://www.mpa.gov.uk/committees/mpa/2005/050224/10/.

To the one per cent – see you soon at Occupy Justice, formerly Old Street Magistrate’s Court, Old Street London EC1.


17 Responses to “Occupy London to put the one per cent on trial as it brings abandoned court back to life”

  1. about time too

  2. I’m slightly concerned for the 1%. Magistrate’s Courts and fair trails are incongruous.

  3. All that is required is an enterprising TV production company to make a reality series, inviting some arrogant one percenters to participate. Judge Judy might be available.

  4. Absolutely Awesome!!!

    This is fantastic peoples – keep up the good work, when with Occupy Movement has developed a new Social Contract, the 1% will have the opportunity to explain their place in it.

  5. Get a grip.

  6. possibly a good DA would be to actually enforce a punishment if a corporation is found guilty to do such things like occupy the properties held by the corporations in question after trial ( i do realise we have ubs)

  7. This is great news as I believe the next step is to occupy abandoned buildings and run them accordingly. We could take over abandoned houses and flats for the homeless and empty shops in the high streets.

  8. It seems that this current occupation is broadly in line with the underpinning principles of the originally proposed community project. What a shame that doesnt appear to have got underway? Can we wonder that young people turn to rioting when opportunities are denied to them? All good wishes occupiers and veterans, and a happy christmas.

  9. ¡olé! Any chance of the court issuing a summons to David Hartnell [HMRC] for grand dyspepsia beyond the call of gluttony ?

  10. “I open this Trial with an indictment. This is the indictment. That it is 1% of this world that have destroyed it, corrupted it, made possible the wars that have ruined it, have laid the basis for the war that we all fear, have poisoned the seas, and the waters, and the air, have stolen everything for themselves, have laid waste the goodness of the earth from the North to the South, and from East to West, have behaved always with arrogance, and contempt, and barbarity towards others, and have been above all guilty of the supreme crime of stupidity–and must now accept the burden of culpability, as murderers, thieves and destroyers, for the dreadful situation we now all find ourselves in.” Doris Lessing, Shikasta

  11. I ask question under the freedom of infomation act on a sigt called What do they know about non-lethal weapons, and they said they were not testing lazer weapons on people now they are saying they are going to use them on protester, In between me asking the question and now they must have tested them on some one, look at me blog and you will see who,

  12. I would like to add it was asked to the MPA are they part of the one per cent

  13. for the last eight months I have been blogging about the untouchable greed driven bankers and the persecution I have personally endured for more than three, years at their hands.http://lifeafterdebts.blogspot.com/2011/11/rot-and-romans.html

  14. don’t mean to be nitpicky or anything but how are you planning on enforcing the court summonses of the 1%? 🙂

  15. Excellent. The movement is now showing evidence of understanding the true mechanics of protest.

    If this level of activity can be sustained for several months despite the damage caused by incoming state challenges (and infiltrators) then some real positive change will start to occur.

    Don’t lose your nerve, you’re making a difference.




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