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Occupy London Statement on Release of St Paul's Institute Report


Occupy London is pleased that St Paul’s Institute has today released the Value and Values report that Giles Fraser was so intimately involved in putting together.

The report, based on a survey of 515 financial professionals working within the Square Mile reveals that, although those professionals regard financial incentives as extremely important, three quarters of those surveyed feel they are paid too much in relation to the rest of society.

This conflict between personal morality and financial incentives is an important finding. Occupy London is glad that through our occupation – sited between the London Stock Exchange and St Paul’s Cathedral – we have helped to ensure that this report attracts the attention it deserves.

While personal morality is an important aspect of the crisis that faces us, Occupy London believes that emphasis must also be placed on the regulatory responsibilities of government and the ability of mainstream politics to accurately represent and protect the interests of the ordinary working people of this country.

This morning, St Paul’s Institute asked the Occupation to frame a number of responses to the report. Copies of the report have been given to our Economics policy group, our Multi-faith, Belief and None group and our library, Starbooks, where they are available to be read by all those who cannot access the report online.

We look forward to continuing the debate that St Paul’s Institute has contributed to today, both in direct cooperation with them and in our own discussions. Tent City University will be holding a debate on issues arising from the report this Friday and we will have further details on this shortly.

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