Occupy London march to the Egyptian embassy – meet at noon on Saturday


In light of the continuing, highly disturbing, intimidation of Egyptian activists and journalists, Occupy London has issued a second statement of solidarity with our friends fighting for democracy in Tahrir Square.

“We, Occupy London, send our solidarity to the revolutionaries in all of Egypt’s Tahrir Squares, and support their demands.

We denounce the killing of peaceful protesters by unaccountable and undemocratic military Junta and Egyptian police.

Long live the revolution”

Today (Saturday) we are meeting at OccupyLSX at noon. We will then be marching to the Egyptian Embassy in solidarity with our Egyptian brothers and sisters, the Egyptian people and the Egyptian Revolution. Our march is a recognition of the huge debt the Occupy movement globally owes to the Egyptian people.

We share the hopes and aspirations of our brothers and sisters worldwide in striving to build a new and better society for us all.

Occupy London previously issued a statement of solidarity in response to the arrest of bloggers and activists, denouncing the Egyptian military and any official attempts to support them.


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  1. My heart is with you and I know the universal eye is wathcing and supporting all of the great people trying to make a change for the 99%. It is happening as we speak and it will never end.


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