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Occupy London calls Occupy Everywhere – D15


Occupy Everywhere facebook event


5 Responses to “Occupy London calls Occupy Everywhere – D15”

  1. Count me in 🙂 Am spreading the word.

  2. I am going to occupy a site in Woolston, Southampton if anyone wants to join me for the day.

  3. I, P.X. Jimador, in solidarity w/ Occupy London!!

  4. Fine, but it is not a chess play (a group against another). It is a matter of real democracy. We are all differents, all equal and free, but attached to develop what we have in common, starting by our ability to decide ourselves our future. Therefore we take the places, for debatting and deciding together, not for battling against the ones that are currently deciding, but that we don’t need anymore.
    Jean-Baptiste, Paris.

  5. “National Day of Non Violent Direct Action”, still mocking Tahrir then?


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