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  • Occupy London calls for financial support for The Occupied Times as it expands coverage and analysis

Occupy London calls for financial support for The Occupied Times as it expands coverage and analysis

  • Plans to double in size and to be published fortnightly, with more space dedicated to in depth debate and analysis, and the website focusing on breaking news
  • Issue 7 to be printed in time for the Occupy Everywhere day of action on 15 December

Occupy London invites donations to support the ongoing print publication of The Occupied Times, the occupation’s very own not-for-profit free newspaper that provides an independent space for voices from and about the movement. Donations received will be used for the production of the newspaper, with excess funding going to the Occupy London donations account to fund the future of the movement.

Donations can be made at – http://www.sponsume.com/project/occupied-times-london

Offering an alternative to the mainstream media narrative of Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice – the newspaper has advanced debate as well as engaging and involving the public in the issues being highlighted.

Issue 7 is about to come off the printing presses in time for the Occupy Everywhere day of action which Occupy London has called for 15 December. Since the beginning of Occupy London and first occupation at St Paul’s, six editions have now been printed and distributed in the City and at nearby tube stations to workers and passers-by alike.

Run by a dedicated group of Occupy supporters, The Occupied Times has featured articles and analysis from occupiers, alongside well known figures including commentators Owen Jones, David Wearing and Dan Hind, economists Joseph Stiglitz and Herman Daly, financial analyst Max Keiser and many more.

“In an era when independent print is under pressure and information flow is controlled by a limited number of media moguls, we’re looking to make The Occupied Times a sustainable project – increasing the number of pages to 16 pages published fortnightly, with the website focusing on breaking news,” commented Steven Maclean, editor and founder of The Occupied Times.

“Having already proven effective as a means of engaging members of the public in debate as well as allowing occupiers a channel for the multiplicity of voices to be heard, we are now looking at taking the newspaper to its next stage – providing more in-depth debate and analysis in print, together with breaking news via the website.”

Each issue has cost 350 pounds to produce, all of which goes to cover printing costs for the 2000 copies. The newspaper regularly covers camp life, economics,  political issues, media reception of the occupy movement and news from occupations abroad. Each issue also includes a debate section that critically examines issues that are discussed within the Occupy London movement.

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