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  • Occupy Everywhere this Thursday #D15; Jesse Jackson to visit; an East London church shows how to Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Everywhere this Thursday #D15; Jesse Jackson to visit; an East London church shows how to Occupy Everywhere

  • Occupy London releases schedule for Occupy Everywhere, including visit of Jesse Jackson to St Paul’s this Thursday at 3pm
  • Launches new Occupy toolkit for communities around the UK; Invites you to get creative and get involved
  • Check out All Hallow’s Church in Bow, East London, who have a tent in their nativity scene, in support of the Occupy movement.

Occupy London – part of the global movement for social and economic justice – calls concerned citizens across the UK to get creative and Occupy Everywhere this Thursday 15 December. Occupy Everywhere marks the two month anniversary of the start of the first occupation in London, and alongside events in London. It is expected that other occupations across the UK will also be holding actions.

Occupy London is also delighted that Rev Jesse Jackson will be visiting the OccupyLSX camp at St Paul’s Churchyard at 3pm on Thursday to show his support for the Occupy movement. Facilitated by Lee Jasper, Co Chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) with other invited guests, Jesse will be speaking about the global financial crisis, the need for social and economic justice alongside the necessity of forging international links that have diversity and anti racism at their core.

“Everyone can get involved and create their own Occupy events to bring their communities together,” commented Occupy London supporter Laura Taylor. “The Occupy movement is about opening minds to the fact that things can be done differently. We’re looking forward to seeing what creative ideas people come up with on the 15th!

“Make yourselves visible – design a poster, hold an info stall, or start your own actions! Occupy your street corners, libraries, schools and offices. Host general assemblies in streets or community centres. Our future hangs in the balance and it is up to each of us to make history our own.”

Resources – Toolkit, videos, posters, fliers

In the run up to Occupy Everywhere, Occupy London has created a handy downloadable Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to give the members of the public – who may feel they have some sympathy with the Occupy movement but not know a huge amount about about it – information about how to get involved and make Occupy their own. The Toolkit includes a rundown of what the Occupy movement has done so far, both in the UK and around the world, and a practical guide to consensus decision-making and general assemblies.

Videos, posters and fliers (also new designs at http://occupylsx.org/?p=2399) are also being released via the website which will be useful to those that want to join the action.

Occupy Everywhere plans

Occupy London’s own plans for the day, which it welcomes others to get involved with, are:

  • 10am – Occupy the City (meet at St Paul’s) – Take part in an action in the city. We will occupy and we will be heard. Our bodies will take a stand, and our voices will drown out the criminal banks which gambled away our society. Bring things to make noise with, pots and pans, instruments.
  • Midday – Occupy the Mind (meet at St Paul’s) – Take a participatory tour of the city of London. Explore the city, learn about the public/private space dynamic and interact with the surroundings by playing twister, dancing the kaylee and other creative interventions.
  • 3pm – Jesse Jackson at Occupy London Stock Exchange at St Paul’s
  • 6pm – Occupy the Streets  (Location TBA in central London) – Street party! Reclaim the streets as public commons, using them for our own means of protest. Be creative and come join our mobile street party. Come dressed up in masks, costumes or even as bankers. Bring something to transform space, from a tea set to lights. Meeting point to be announced soon. Follow Facebook and @occupylsx on twitter.

In its call out, Occupy London stated: “Our democratic system is corrupted by the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. Global citizens are resisting this structure. We know those who caused the financial crisis will not be working towards solutions – we are the solution. We will shut down the 1%. Occupy everywhere with our bodies, voices, and ideas.”

Meeting points and more details to be announced soon via the Occupy London website, @occupylsx on Twitter and via the Occupy London Stock Exchange page and event on Facebook.

A tent inside a church – All Hallow’s Church in Bow, East London, show support for Occupy [5]

6pm Sunday 11 December, two occupiers were invited to All Hallow’s Church in Bow, as part of Occupy London’s community outreach, during which congregations and other groups get the chance to find out more about Occupy, representatives get to hear their thoughts – and some groups have even hold their own general assemblies.

“It was amazing to see that they had put a tent up inside the Church for the nativity scene in support of Occupy,” said Mark Grove of Occupy London. “We all had a discussion about what they thought Occupy stood for and we did a ‘temperature check’ to see how much support there was for the movement – using the proper hand signals! Two thirds of the congregation were supportive of Occupy. So our message to people across the UK, is to get involved, be creative, and let’s start talking about how we can create a better society for all.”

Get Connected

The Outreach Working Group at St Paul’s would like to hear from individuals and groups planning actions for Occupy Everywhere. Here’s the place to post your message and start connecting for Occupy Everywhere and beyond.

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