Occupy Everywhere: D15



Occupy Everywhere on December 15th. Get creative!

We are everywhere — and we need YOU! Occupy spaces in your own communities, and come play with us if you can on December 15th . . . playing in the streets is serious business.

Make yourselves visible, start your own actions! Occupy your street corners, libraries, schools, and offices. Host general assemblies in backyards or community centers. This is how we grow and go forward. Occupy everywhere.


We want to help you Occupy Everywhere. We have some carefully produced guidance for you below. This is how we have been Occupying throughout the UK. There will be more to come. Join us.

Occupy London hereby present A Toolkit with which you may proceed to Occupy Everywhere on 15 December 2011

[gview file=”http://www.auerfeld.com/images/occupyEWleaflet.pdf”]

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