November 30th Strike – Shut down the City


November 30th will be the largest day of strike action in a generation.

Be in the City of London.

More details to be announced.

See you on the streets.


2 Responses to “November 30th Strike – Shut down the City”

  1. Brilliant plan guys. That will solve all of our problems. Lets all ‘down tools’ and try to stop those actually working to get the country out of the mess its in from getting to their jobs. Nothing like imposing your minority views on everyone else. It will no doubt also end up with a mob of morons smashing up and looting again too. But hey, that’s worked well for Greece.
    Also – note to moderator/s – if your going to moderate comments, all well and good, however could you, for the sake of your web site, at least leave it to someone that can be bothered / able to do it more frequently than every few days? Its making for very boring reading now – especially as I’m looking forward to hearing the copious amount of output from your ‘bank of idea’ (sarcasm, but I’m sure you get the point!).

  2. Another brilliant(?) idea, just shows how totally detached from the ‘real 99%’, the occupy movement has become. Any update on providing financial transparency yet? Or, are you still too afraid to tell the people the truth?


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