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#ClassWar TrafalgarSquare Street Party. Saturday 13th April 2013.

According to Reuters, there were barely 200 people in Trafalgar Square. That was promulgated by many other news media. The Evening Standard reported hundreds, the Guardian reported 3,000 went to the “party”.
The live stream footage should show that there were more than hundreds and that judging from the people I interviewed, many had good[…]

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Invitation to join the first online meeting to organise an International Skillshare in London

Invitation: http://occupylondon.org.uk/archives/26280
Date: The first online meeting will be Sunday the 21st April at 7pm UK time (8pm continental Europe)
Check your local time here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
Agenda: please add any points here http://titanpad.com/kyFVLhFHbG
Location: Server: Occupytalk.org
Room: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE
How to connect? Mumble is a[…]

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Join the process to organise an International Skillshare in London

Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian translation below
The next G8 summit will be on the 17th & 18th of June in the UK, in Northern Ireland. Given the remoteness of the location, the stopG8 network has called for a week of mobilisation in London from the 10th to the 14th of June.
A few[…]

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Occupy Radio LDN in Tunisia

Occupy Radio is currently podcasting from The World Social Forum in Tunis, we will be uploading as we go:

Tunisia Day 1 – World Social Forum by Occupy Radio Ldn on Mixcloud
This podcast was recorded in Tunis the day before the 2013 World Social Forum. There was a long march through the streets as[…]

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Occupy activists at World Social Forum

In the next week, a few Occupy London activists will be in Tunisia to participate in the World Social Forum (WSF). We will not be representing anyone but ourselves, but will be bringing with us our experiences of Occupy and the movements and groups we have been part of.
Initiated in Puerto Allegre in Brazil[…]

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#TradeUnionFreedom Launch #CTUF13 23/02/13

The Campaign For Trade Union Freedom was established in 2013 following a merger of the Liaison Committee For The Defence Of Trade Unions and the United Campaign To Repeal The Anti Trade Union Laws. The CTUF is a campaigning organisation fighting to defend and enhance trade unionism, oppose all anti-union laws as well as[…]

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London Occupy Economics Working Group (EWG) budget response – “a missed opportunity”

The current financial crises (Eurozone, US and UK public and private sector debt, banks’ insolvency) were precipitated by the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008 which was the culmination of a housing fuelled, economic boom in the US, UK and Europe (particularly Spain and Ireland). Rising house prices fuelled an explosion in consumer credit and private[…]

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Rebalancing Austerity – a modest alternative budget 2013 – from Occupy Birmingham

We can’t do everything in one budget, but we can make a start. This is a start, by scrapping the austerity agenda, and starting a programme to reinvest in people and begin to reduce the criminal inequality that successive administrations have enabled. Some of these suggestions have been made by unions, campaigners, some by us.[…]

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People’s Debt Assembly

All over the world people are realising and rebelling against the role debt plays in enslaving the 99%.
This open peoples assembly has been organised Jubilee Debt Campaign, Occupy London and activists of the 15M movement. There will be open discussions about debt’s role in the enslavement of individuals, the struggles against debt and[…]

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